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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well here I am sitting here in the bed at home on a Sunday Night... I missed church this morning and tonight... not to mention play practice! I hate being sick.. I passed two Kidney stones last week and the 2nd on on Friday morning at work.. so I havent felt up to par since then.. Say a prayer for me please! I really really hate that mean old devil! Trying to keep me out of church and OF course I would miss two wonderful services! Chris texted me just a few minutes ago and told me that Bryan  (on of our fairly new young people) just got filled with the precious Holy Ghost!!! Im so happy! I may be at home right now, but I feel Jesus all over me! I love Jesus so much! and Im sooo thankful and proud of our Young People! I love them so much!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Until Next time ~

"Blessings on You"

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