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Friday, March 26, 2010

The hill may stay the same... BUT Seasons do change

So I was browsing through all my bloggy friends and came across Joanna Goddard @ A Cup of Jo with a post called "Same Hill Different Day". Go and check it out. There are three pictures taken at different times of the year, but all in the same spot. I was inspired to share this with you.

While looking at the pictures, the thought came to me, of our lives as Christians. You may be in an area of life where the scenery hasnt changed in days, months, years... and are thinking... "One more day like this, ("In this place, With these people, At this Job, etc" ) and I will bust!"

Are your spiritual glasses broken? Has the right here and now taken a toll on your faith? If you keep your eyes on defeat, you will be defeated. ... so If you keep your eyes on the ground you will never see the season around you change.. dont let the devil steal your vision and rob you of YOUR blessing! The scenery may not have changed... but look around... has your season changed?
"Blessings on You"

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Cylinda Nickel said...

Love this post- so true! I will jump over there to see it. Are you going to be at ladies conference? I would love to meet you in person! Have a great week! CMN

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