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Friday, January 29, 2010

Its Snowing!!!!! Happy Snow Day!

So its snowing and Im here at work! Its sooo pretty! Chris drove me to work this morning! I have such a great husband! I love him soooo much! I wish we had a little hill around here somewhere so we could go sledding! I remember being in Michigan City and sledding down the sand dunes! Oh what fun! Daddy and I would sled down and then we would climb back to the top.... well sometimes dad had to carry me! LOL Great memories!    We get to close today at noon! Im so excited! Its getting deep right now... all I hope really is that our electric doesnt go out this time! Gigi is at the vet still! (that is a post for later) I called them a couple minutes ago and she is fine so I wont pick her up until this is all over.... going to go home and make some soup!!! Yummm and maybe run through the snow a couple times! Oh and twirl around and make snow angels... oh and catch some snowflakes in my mouth!!!! Yay! ~ ~ Hmmm maybe I will catch snowflakes in my mouth...... LOL

"Blessings on You"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Updated: as of Sunday January 31 ~ Tonya is doing much much better! The doctors know it is just the Lord that has done the work! We are looking for an even greater report! Thank you all for praying!

This is my big sissy.... who is so very sick. They do not expect her to make it more than 48 hours.. I really dont want to let her go... but I dont want to keep her from her great blessing either! I pray that sweet Jesus will comfort our family and will give us grace in this time. She is a winner either way... but if I could keep her just a little longer I would love it!

Oh my all the memories that I have... I have only known her since 2007, but I feel like I have all of my life. We have had some great times, fun times, sad times, happy times.... all of the above times! lol I remember the first time I met her... she was sooo happy that her brother found me... She introduced me and showed me off to everyone!  lol This pic was our first Christmas together! This is before she had gotten sick. We all love you tonya so much!

"Blessings on You"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hey guys... finally am posting this... please forgive me, I promise to do better! These are the stockings I made for my sisters... from Left to Right     Jeri's, with the Zebra heel       Marys with the flip flop    and Gabbys with the Union Jack proudly displayed! I love them they turned out very nice! They were all full and I didnt have a place to hang them at moms so please forgive the pic of them laying on the table!

"Blessings on You"

Friday, January 22, 2010

We need a Miracle

God is a miracle worker! He is all Soverign and He always knows best... that is why I am asking you all to please, please pray for my sister in law Tonya. She has had pancreatic caner and sweet Jesus healed her of that... now she is dealing with cancer in her stomach... (its completely gone from her pancreas) She has not been doing good at all the last couple days and the doctor said in his opinion she has about 60 days... she is in so much pain and if God doesnt intervene it could be just any day... We have been praying and we believe that God can raise her from this sick cancer bed! We also know that she has lived way beyond what the doctors have said at the beginning... please pray for our family and for her... for whatever God sees fit.... The doctor said something yesterday that was great and actually profound... mom said that as long as there is breath there is hope... (which I have used this quote before) but he actually took it a step further... As long as there is hope.... there is a chance! So I humbly request for each one who may read this (if you are a believer in that Jesus answers prayers... that you say one for Her (Tonya Thomas) and our family)   She was heavily medicated last night and her fever was very high and we all prayed for her and when we got done she wanted to know if anyone needed the Holy Ghost because she felt the Lord so strong! She may have not been making sense with her words most of the night but here she was still wintnessing! Praise the Lord for the strength and determaination that my big sissy has! I love her soooo much!

"Blessings on You"

Moi? An 80's Child???? LOL ~ Comment with your 80's flashback!

You might be a child of the 80's if...

*You wanted to be on Star Search. (Didn't we all?)       I must confess I wanted to be on Soul Train! lol

 *You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose fell off. Or even when he had those freaky eyes in "Thriller" at the end of the video.    Ha ha yeah, sure do!

* You wore a banana clip or one of those slap on wrist bands at some point during your youth.  Yup! I actually still have a slap bracelet.... I use it as a bookmark! lol

 * You wore French rolls on the bottom of your splatter painted jeans. French rolls yes.... splatter jeans... ummm nope

 *You had slouch socks, and puff painted your own shirt at least once.  oh yes!

 *You owned a doll with 'Xavier Roberts' signed on it's butt.   Finally got one when I was like 13! :-)  my stepdaughter has her now.

 *You knew what Willis was "talkin' 'bout."     mmmhhmmm

 *You know the profound meaning of "Wax on, Wax off."   yes daniel-son

 *You can name at least half of the members of the elite "Brat Pack."  hmm having trouble here... all I can think of is the original brat pack... but I dont think it is meaning that... does anyone know? gee I feel umm silly

 *You can remember watching Full House and Saved by the Bell for endless hours. Umm still do that! lol

 *You have seen at least 10 episodes of Fraggle Rock. Yes proudly

 *You know that another name for a keyboard is a "Synthesizer."  lol

 *You'll always hold a special place in your heart for "Back to the Future."  Ready for a sat movie pj day!

 *You know where to go if you "wanna go where everybody knows your name."  Funny... chris was humming that the other day!

 *You thought Molly Ringwald was REALLY cool. (Was there an 80's movie she WASN'T in?)  eh... she was okay

 *You know what "psych" means. Im really old arent I???

 *You fell victim to 80's fashion: big hair, crimped, combed over to the side, and you wore spandex pants. Yes and my sisters still laugh at the pics!

 *You wanted to be a Goonie ("Goonies never say die.")  (memories)

 *You knew "The Artist" when he was humbly called "Prince."  lol yup

 *You ever wore fluorescent—neon if you will—clothing...  moi??? surely not.... lol

 *You could breakdance, or wished you could.  still wish I could! lol

 *You know who Max Headroom is. haha

 *You know, by heart, the words to any "Weird" Al Yankovic song.  does amish paradise count??? lol

 *You remember when ATARI was a state-of-the-art video gaming system. yes, and my cousin and I had to fight grandma over it!

 *You own any cassettes or albums. still have cassettes

 *You were led to believe that in the year 2000 we'd all be living on the moon.  Yes I really did! and have flying cars! come on... I rememeber the Jetsons! totally thought we would... (sigh)

 *You remember and/or own any of the Care Bear glass collection from Pizza Hut. I do remember them

 *"Poltergeist" totally freaked you out. still havent seen it for that very reason!

 *You carried your lunch to school in a Gremlins or an ET lunchbox. no mine was way cooler though!

 *You have ever pondered why Smurfette was the ONLY female smurf. yes, does anyone know why?

 *You wanted to communicate with Synergy, or you wanted green hair like that lead singer of the Misfits. See Jem.  mmhhmm

 *You inserted the word "like" into, like, every sentence.  Like OMG! I still do! lol

 *You know what a Doozer is. See Fraggle Rock.   yup! just looked it up! I love google!

 *You wore biker shorts underneath a short skirt and felt stylish.  WhatEVER I was stylish!

 *You ever had a Swatch Watch.  I dont remember if I had one but I know what they are...does that count?

 *You actually spent countless hours trying to perfect the care-bear stare. my eyes are still dry over that one!

 *You had a crush on one of the Coreys (Haim or Feldman). I can say umm no not really to this one! Now Kirk Cameron is another story!

 *You remember when Saturday Night Live was funny. Yes!

 *You had Wonder Woman or Superman Underoos. ha ha... dont think I did!

 *You have worn a Banana Clip, or knew someone who did.  I dont want to admit this one! How hideous!

 *You actually thought "Dirty Dancing" was a REALLY good movie. No Not me... I actually do not like that movie... but didnt see it until I was in my 20's so maybe that is why

 *You have heard of "Garbage Pail Kids" (and perhaps still have a collection of them).  my cousin used to collect them

 *Extra point  ~ You have seen the Garbage Pail Kids TV show. (Only one episode was aired.) actually I remember it being on.. but I dont remember watching it

 *You had a crush on Bo Derek. eww

 *Punks actually "shocked" people. Oh yes! and I have a vivid memory of that!

 *You wanted to be The Hulk or Rainbow Brite for Halloween. I still want to be Rainbow Brite... lol

 *You believed that "By the power of Greyskull, you HAD the power!"  Ha ha He Man!

 *You thought that Transformers were more than meets the eye. they still are.. havent you seen the movie???

 *You know what a "Whammy" is. ("No Whammy, no whammy, stop!")  ?

 *Partying "like it's 1999" seemed SO far away. Yes! Then it got here... and ummm now its gone!

 *Songs by Debbie Gibson still haunt you to this day.   (smacking head) stop it! stop it! stop the music!

 *3 words: "Atari" "IntelliVision" and "Coleco". Sound familiar?  so whats the point??? Im really old! okay okay

 *You remember the days that hooking your computer into your TV wasn't an expensive option that required gadgets - it was the ONLY WAY to use your computer!  Ha ha,... us pentecostals still do this to watch our dvd's!  ( okay well the ones that have a desktop and monitor do... )

 *You remember "Friday Night Videos" before the days of MTV.     lol wasnt that like last year??  jk

 *You ever owned a pair of "Pop-Wheels"—that handy little combination of shoe and roller skate that lasted about a year on the open market.    Yes I did! and I loved them!

 *You're PO'd that you couldn't really participate in the 60's, pissed that you were a part of the 70's, think you wasted too much time doing stupid, meaningless things in the 80's, and still have no clue what the 90's are all about.   no, not me

 *While in high school, you and all your friends discussed elaborate plans to get together again at the end of the century and play "1999" by Prince over and over again.  no, I had converted to christian music by then!

 *You remember when music that was labeled "alternative" really was.  yes actually I do remember this one

 *You were shocked and horrified at the Challenger explosion (which you were probably watching in school at the time).   (tear) Yes I was and I still remember where I was and standing at the time

 *You watched HR Puffenstuff as a child, but now that you're older, you really understand that it would have been much better had you known about drugs at the time. I dont remember this

 *You've recently horrified yourself by using any one of the following phrases:
  • "When I was younger"
  • "When I was your age"
  • "You know, back when..."
  • "Because I SAID so, that's why"
  • "What the HECK is this noise on the radio?"
  • "Just can't (fill in the blank) like I used to"
*You can't remember a time when "going out for coffee" DIDN'T involve 49,000 selections to choose from. cant say I do

 *Schoolhouse Rock played a HUGE part in how you actually learned the English language. umm nope

 *You ever dressed to emulate a person you saw in either a Duran Duran, Madonna, or Cyndi Lauper video. only at Halloween when my mom would let me!

 *At one point during your teenage years, you walked with a noticeable tilt to one side due to the number of plastic rings on that arm. thats funny

 *"Celebration" by Kool and the Gang was one of the hot new songs when you first heard it at a school dance.  WhatEver.... You guys should see what was planned by My husband and Nephew for our wedding reception... good thing they forgot to pack the fro's before time! Its hilarious! ***we had a 80's music fest at our reception!)

 *The first time you ever kissed someone at a dance fell during "Crazy for You" by Madonna. nope

 *There were at least three people in your school that voluntarily went by the names of "Skip" "Buffy" "Muffy" or "Dexter." ha ha nope

 *You ever owned one of those embarrassing crimping irons. Yes and my barbies hair matched mine!

 *You used to hold in your head the thought that all those gold chains on Mr. T actually looked kinda cool and the thought that Mr. T made millions seemed rational to you at the time. lol yes actually

 *You remember with pain the sad day when the Green Machine hit the streets and made your old big wheel quite obsolete. We actually were talking about that last weekend!

 *You've gotten this far on the list and aren't totally confused. Im going to the corner now........

 *The phrase "Where's the beef?" still doubles you over with laughter.  Ha ha ha ha.... like it totally just did!

 *You read the "Hot Video Games Player's Secrets" guide for Mortal Kombat just so you could find the hidden screen, and play Pong again for old time's sake hmmmmm

 *You're starting to believe that maybe 30 isn't so old after all, and it's those people over 40 you have to look out for. AMEN... (sorry if you are that old!) juuuuuusssst Kidding!

 *Your hair, at some point in time in the 80's, became something which can only be described by the phrase "I was experimenting."    Ha Ha oh yes! ( Not with color... but with styles yes!)

 *You've ever shopped at a Banana Republic or Benetton, but not in the last five years, okay? Eww No

 *You ever wanted to be gagged with a spoon. Like Yes!!! To the point of my mom almost doing just that! ha

 *When someone mentions two consecutive days of the week, the Happy Days theme is stuck in your head for hours on end. No cant say that it has...

 *You remember "Hey, let's be careful out there."  No whats this from?

 *You're parents wanted you to attend medical school, but you decided it was pointless since Quincy got all the babes, anyway. lol dad wanted me to be a rocket scientist!! lol

 *You had a crush on Jon Bon Jovi, or knew someone who did. Had??? still think hes cute! lol

 *You thought eating Reese's Pieces would attract your own Alien. and its HASNT yet!!!! False advertisement!!! (still trying though)

 *Your name is Jennifer, Jason, Shannon or Michael  hmmmmmmm no comment

*You have ever called 867-5309. dont think I have

 *You had a poster of Rob Lowe, Kirk Cameron, or Michael J. Fox on your wall.  not that I remember

 *You held the top score on Pac-Man.  I think for like a day or so!

 *You owned a t-shirt that said, "I shot J.R." or know someone who did. no

 *This rings a bell: "and my name, is Charlie. They work for me."  ?

 *You HAD to have your MTV   nah

 *You know what a "burnout" is. ?

 *You owned a Jordache anything, or you remember when Jordache jeans were cool. Arent they still??? Wouldnt that be considered as vintage??? lol (kidding)

 *You remember when Madonna was just hitting the scene.  Yes

 *You remember the original version of Windows: Macintosh.  sorta

 *You thought "Weird Science" was a masterpiece. hmmmm

 *You remember any or all of the following: Echo & the Bunnymen, Cutting Crew, Scritti Politti, or Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark.     no

 *Chevy Chase was really funny in those vacation movies.    He still is!

 *You actually know who Rick Springfield is  Yes (although I dont know why I even admitted it!)

 *You remember when film critics raved that no movie could ever possibly get better special effects than those in the movie TRON.   Eh... no I never really liked that movie..... Now Star Wars.... That was the best!

 *You jammed to the Miami Vice theme and thought Jan Hammer was cool. ha ha

 *Guys: You remember when a guy piercing his ear was radical to the max, but did it anyhow.
"Blessings on You"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poor Mousey!!!

Okay so this would be Gigi...... or so I thought! Turned out to be me!!!  ~  We were blessed with the presence of a icky little mouse around Christmas. I was cleaning out the pantry/laundry room in the kitchen and I had noticed that some chips had opened up and spilled into the bottom of this cute little basket I keep in there with packets of noodles, chips, and all the goodies... so I was thinking to myself (note to self... never think to yourself again) "I need to go ahead and clean this out" so here I am (just me and gigi in the kitchen) I take the basket to the garbage and begin cleaning it out, well as I was laying some stuff on the counter something kinda heavy dropped back down into the bottom of the basket... Now it wasnt that it was deep.... its just dark wood and everything dark blends in... so low and behold this thing jumped out but not without brushing against my hand... onto the floor almost on my foot and right to the side/under the couch (where gigi was like hey mom.... "behind me" what was that... well here I am (I had already jumped on the table.... trying to reach my phone to call my husband ~ like he could help being at work) gigi was hunched down looking at this mouse who was looking back with beady little eyes... (the nerve of it) well just as fast it dispeared into the unknown of the underbelly of my couch,... and me who is terrified of mice... well was on the phone laughing at me and telling me how that the mouse was more scared of me and was probably on the phone with his wife right now... lol Needless to say its kind of hard to hop on the furniture from the other room... lol well we looked for it when Chris got home that night but he was no where to be found... so he was kinda not thought of until one Sunday afternoon... (when again Chris was at work... *I think the mouse knew) Well I had gathered all my blankets and was laying on the couch with a very bad migraine and had a pillow over my eyes, all was quiet in the house gigi was on the blanket right beside me sleeping too... then... scratch, scratch, thud, (very close to my head) gigi was up.. I thought well maybe its just a fly or something... I mean come on.... this is totall my cat right here.... befriending the mouse and looking for something else making the mousey sounds~

Well ~ so I just out of curiosity thought I would check and see if I needed to get up and run to the bedroom and baracade the door... (I know laugh if you must but have you seen mighty mouse??? yeah....thats what I thought too...) so anyway Here my fearless gigi is standing on her back legs ever so elegantly with one paw outstretched on the  curtain trying to get something.... I looked up and saw on the inside of my curtain something dark CLIMBING up the inside!!!! Okay so when did they learn they can they climb material (I really feel safe in my big bed now! ~ with the flowing bed skirt) Meanwhile, Im on the phone calling Chris to have him do something and all the while saying good Gigi stay right there.... ummm she got bored (okay okay so guess by now I found out she wasnt a mouser!) Well Chris told me to call a good friend of ours to come over and I did... but while they were on their way the mouse started making its way down the curtain... (come on here I am watching it... I grabbed something first the cat and she wouldnt stay there.. then a tennis raquet and hit the curtain, it scurried back up to the top) I contemplated getting some hair ties and tying the curtain at the top and bottom so that it wouldnt go anywhere but that would have required me getting really close. So as you would imagine before our friends got there the silly shadow of a mouse disapeared! WHATTT???? REALLY???? (couldnt find it... my nice and big winter coat was laying close by... I wouldnt wear it! Couldnt! What if I pulled a mouse out of my pocket at CHURCH??) Well Bro. Gary and Samantha came and he looked but couldnt find it... I begged him not to mention it behind the pulpit that night... thank you Jesus he didnt... but gave threatening looks like he might (whew).
Well actually after this day ~ It got really busy for me so I kinda forgot about the mysterious mouse. The holidays came... had a great time.. Got Chris and Taylor ready for HYC (I couldnt go, had to work) Hated staying here while everyone was having fun... oh Well!  I was getting ready for New Years Eve service and waiting on them to get back from HYC... so I warmed up the dinner and picked up the house. I went to the living room window and was cleaning around it when what did I see.... there was something furry and gray peaking out from under the recliner... (of which I had been sitting on) *shudder* I lifted up the back of the recliner (because I thought surely it wasnt the real one but the play one gigi likes) um NOPE... it was a stiff one though! I looked and looked waiting for it to move... I even put the chair back down and picked it up again... (thought I saw it twitch...) well I was sooooooooo relieved! Gigi was sitting across the room looking at me and I looked at her and said in an elated and excited sigh *YOU Are a Mouser arent you!!! *  She started meowing like she was saying *Yes of course mom! I love to play with mouses... but it dont squeek anymore...* okay so maybe not that...
Anyway I got on the phone with Chris and told him what our little mouser did and he promised to get it when he got home... We totally didnt have time! (the church van had broke down so everyone was running late) So we had time to change, eat and rest just a little before leaving for church to bring in the New Year.
 New Years Day was wonderful! Chris asked me out on a date! :) My ever romantic husband! Love it! We were fixing to get ready and I told him of another video our friend had posted on FB of their choir that had won "How Sweet the Sound"  (Atlanta West Choir) so I told him to get online while I fixed my hair and pull it up so we could hear it! Love Choir music! The music went off and I heard Amazing Grace come on... played on the Bagpipes! Oh how I love to hear that! BUT I looked out the Bathroom door as if to say... ummm what happened to the hopping Holy Ghost choir... and here I saw my hunny (in his unmentionables nonetheless)  walk slowly toward the recliner... then it dawned on me!!! WE are having a Funeral for the Mouse! HA HA HA... I couldnt stop laughing... as Chris carefully wrapped a napkin around the mouse and carried him to the garbage can (all the while the bagpipes are blasting in the background) and me almost in the floor cause of the sight before me... So here standing at the garbage can (trying not to bust with laughter again because he was trying to be seriously funny) He askes Do you have any last words??? HAAAAAA.... Okay I was like goodbye and good ridance! (whew) Then I asked him if he had any last words... He then said into the garbage.... "Thank you for all the laughs you gave me when my wife called to tell me what you were doing" as he wiped an imaginary tear away " Im gonna miss you" and started laughing.....  
So ends the story of the poor mousey! Hope you all enjoyed!

"Blessings on You"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My oh My where has the time gone??? I am sitting here wondering how in the world its already the 19th of January and I haven't blogged since the last day of the year! Bless my heart! ( thats southern talk for "oh im such a ummm out of sorts person at this moment..." **among other things you would like to insert when you say that phrase LOL) Sooo we all know time flies and I am sure you all have experianced the same "clock" as I have.

 So how has everyone been? I do pray that everyone is great and that this year has brought some promising things into your lives! God has great things instore for His people.... The air is filled with an expectancy! There has been so much going on since the begining of the year that I have not had the time to blog like I thought I would... some of that is due to my hunny taking my computer and giving it back to me when Im too tired to see.... Thanks babe! lol
   Well since the begining of the year we actually have been consumed with Winter Jam 2010! It happened on the 15th of this month... last friday night! It had been in the making since the ministers retreat in Branson when Chris, Alan, Bekah and I had sat around a table at Steak and Shake and thought about what we could do for outreach.... then we had tried to get various preachers... and actually the Lord changed all our plans and layed it on Bro. David Bryan's heart to come and preach at this service. So with all that set... I worked on the small details.... with also planning a fundraiser for the weekend after that...(btw we have a spaghetti dinner on the 23rd if anyone is around stop by the church!)    Bekah had praise team practice the week before and last week with one final practice right before service... I so enjoyed being on the praise team, we had young people from several different churches in our section and around that were on the praise team and praise band. It was awesome! I am so proud of my husband! God is doing great things through him and oh how proud I am to be Mrs. Chris Haggard. ;-) We had about 240 people at the Winter Jam 2010. Bro. Bryan preached about Passion! A passion for the Cross, a passion for Jesus like we have never known! It was so awesome!  We opened up with Pre service - we had three drama teams do sign songs, then we went into the short video that we made about outreach and the countdown! The praise band started playing and then the curtains opened up with us singing We have overcome! How powerful and the anointing fell so strong! The Altar service was so great... so many people blessed and receiving a stronger passion! Our community center definatly had a holy ghost outpouring! After service we served chili and had fellowship and then Final Flight ( the winner of UPCI's Arkansas's Got Talent) came and performed! What a great night! Im so excited to plan the next one... Winter Jam 2011! So everyone mark your calanders! The tenative date is Jan 28th 2011. So now that I have time, I shall start filling you guys in with what all has been going on inbetween times! :)
"Blessings on You"