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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Move that Chair!!!

Well the Groundhog may have seen his shadow... but
I saw the first hint of spring at Sam's a couple weeks ago
and had to take a picture of it!!! (Btw ~ I LOVE Tulips!)

Aren’t we all the same for the most part?
I mean we are all human born into sin and in desperate need of a Savior right??? RIGHT!!!
We all need Jesus to come in and wash us and make us clean and fill us with the precious Holy Ghost.
When we come to Jesus with all of our lives... and Repent at an altar ~ go down in water in his lovely name, and speak in tongues when He fills us with his precious spirit... ~ Is that all there is?
No way! It has just begun! What a great journey that we started!
We have our highs and lows and bumps and smoothness along life’s way...
 Living for God is by FAR the best life to live... but sometimes you may be wondering where is that (what you have been praying for) ... Have I missed a turn somewhere, God why cant you just come down and show me, or tell me what to do "then I will know it was you that was speaking and NOT me..." (these are the in-between times)
Has anyone ever been there before? Have you been to a point where that mean ol devil has gotten you in a knot in your mind and in your spirit and you just can’t seem to function??? No, you cannot snap out of it as much as someone would like to tell you to, BUT there is an answer it is simply.... move that chair! Oh how sly the devil is... he will start little by little, he may bring a thought your way of discouragement, defeat, despair, etc... and it may not affect you at first...
~ Man you are praying and doing good... so you can rebuke him and go on your way... then he comes again... He is very persistent!
He will do his best to wear you down so that he can get in and if you are not careful and watchful through prayer..... guess what??? Yep.. He will pull up a chair! He will sit down next to you and begin carrying on a conversation (one sided at first) you may push him out of his chair/run him off but wait... you forgot to move the chair! He will be back with another word.. and it’s not a word of courage or stability!
If you listen to him he will start to make you see/believe what he is telling you.. Either through you, your husband/wife, your children, your friends... then you give into his lies and you let him sit there longer and longer. (Remember the biggest battlefield in this world is YOUR MIND)
He will take up permanent residence in that chair... talking to you as long as you will let him!
How long Child of God will let him sit there with the lies and the deceit and the hatred, strife, anxiety, emotional turmoil, hopelessness...
     Be Wise! Don’t let him do that to you! Your mind, body, soul, strength belongs to God; don’t let Satan lie to you... You have power (through the name of Jesus!) He can only sit there as long as you let him!
The Bible tells us to Be wise to Satan’s devices...
Do you know the trick that he is trying to use to detour you?
Do you know that he hates to see you happy, and on fire for God!
So he will attack you in every way possible.. and Beware the tricks! 

If he doesn’t get you in one.. He will try another!
BUT through Prayer, Reading your Bible, and Fasting... you can stay alert, and aware of what he may try and you can come against him through the (spiritual punches if you will)
that you have been gaining strength to give him the next time he came around.

Prayer will also be the cotton to the ears, the blinders to your eyes and the buffer to your heart and soul lest you are hurt by what you hear, see, and feel.
 Now we all know that if we all don’t pray and get spiritually fit "so to speak" if the devil comes at us with a blow we will bruise, we get hurt... but we do not ever have to go down for the count... Get up pray some more, keep going back to your secret place. ~ Then you can block his blow, and he will get the bruise, he will be the one running away!
 If you are praying and reading and fasting... Keep doing that! If not... it is NOT too late to start! The day is Not over yet! You may get discouraged at times; you may get down and be weary.. But don’t stay that way... Kick the devil out of the Chair! Don’t let him stay there! And then MOVE THE CHAIR! :)

You know just like the cute little chipmunk (as someone affectionately named the groundhog on facebook) lol He didn’t see his shadow.... but 6 more so called weeks of winter.. (and while yes we are feeling it here) there is something to be said for little puxy-wuddle-wuddle-however you say it...There were cameras, people all around (the devil and his imps) and here he comes out of his little house... okay so he wakes up! (*has the devil ever started first thing in the morning???) Oh yes he has me too!

That’s when you get on your knees right away or start calling on Jesus there in the bed!

Show the devil who is boss! It’s Jesus! He has to answer to him!

Anyway ~ So he comes out and no sunshine???!!!!
"Man I’m going back to bed its going to be cold for 6 more weeks and no flowers yet!"I am sure he was thinking. But little did he know there was a place in little Arkansas that had the most beautiful Tulips (spring flowers) ready for sale..

Has the devil fooled you into thinking that winter will be in your life for a lot longer
than what you want or can deal with?

A flower has bloomed for you already!
Why dont you go to prayer and ask Jesus to let you experience the Fragrance???

Spring is on its way for YOU dear Child of God!
"Blessings on You"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Snow is NOT fun anymore!!

Well So I loved the snow when it was falling... but alas... I guess Im older and well my husband is a party pooper.... ( okay so as Im running for my life inside because its too cold singing to him... "every party has a pooper thats why we invited you" to him) Im realizing... WHAT.... huh no way.... I so cant be one too!!! When did this happen???? uh maybe in the crazy ice storm last year??? Yup! Thats when it happened for me! Oh dont get me wrong it was beautiful! Soooo beautiful when it was falling and even when I was walking in it as it looks like Lake Effect Snow! Ahhh... but well driving in it is a different matter.... the day after the snow was a different matter!!!
We went to the hospital on Friday because they had called the family up there ( update on Tonya... she is doing really good. She has been up and talking... we are thanking sweet Jesus for a miracle) well I packed an overnight bag because we didnt think we would be coming home and if we did we may not make it home... well we ended up going to Bethels family center! In the Evangelist Quarters nonetheless! That was very nice of Bro and Sis Tidwell to let us stay there. Its funny and I didnt say then... but as I was unpacking our little bag I thought... we are going to be doing that more and more... (so Im not going to try and be funny about how that this is the second year that we had to stay at a family center during a snow/ice storm) Sooooo anywho ~ back to my icey snowy story! So here I am still begging Chris to go out and run through the snow with me... I was just hoping to break him and see him just go running through the cold wetness...
 LOL NOT okay so 2 things... He hates Sand and He hates Snow! My goal in life is to show him how much fun it is so that he will like it! (~~~~~~Smack! hmmm dont think he liked that snowball as much as I thought!!!) No.. No hunny it really did fall out of the tree! Well okay back to all the seriousness... I want the snow to go away! Its not pretty anymore! and its really not fun anymore... Its all hard and not fluffy! cant even pick it up! Eww! Although I have been really thinking about how that I totally wanted to be in the Polar Bear club when I was little! I remember telling mom how that I was going to be one of those that went out to Lake Michigan and break the ice and jump in!!! WHAT was I THINKING??? Sure I still would like to do that just so I could say I did it,...but only in my mind!!! lol :-)
   Soooo on to something different I will save the next one for a new post... :)

"Blessings on You"