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Friday, September 4, 2009

Good Morning all! Its Friday!!!!

I have had an ExtrEEMly crazy busy week! Im heading for my moms tonight and although I havent gotten anything done, or packed.... I still feel like a superhero, because well I pulled off the best birthday party for my best friend that I have ever done!!!

So ~ Let me fill you in on my week... Well first ~ last weekend was great with the Youth Rally and the outreach day, then I went shopping the rest of sat with Bekah, Bryan and later Alan caught up with us. I got home around the time chris did from work.... made dinner for him and got everything ready for Sunday.. then run run run again... Had great church on Sunday... Monday after work we took Tyler and Taylor to Incredible Pizza in Memphis! It was sooooo totally awesome! We all had a blast! We went to visit some friends while we were there so we didnt get home until after midnight... then Tuesday I gave a perm after work... and got finished around 10 something... Wednesday we had church, another great service... My wonderful husband preached! It was Satan, My soul is not for sale.... He did manage to say in the message that we dont need no more sin ( because we had too much junk in our trunk.) lol wonder if anyone caught it??? It was so funny... glad he didnt look at me when he said it.. I might have busted! lol and then on thursday... (yesterday) It was Chris's birthday! I set it up for some of his friends to go golfing with him and they went yesterday... ( I gave alan the *special* golf ball on tuesday to get chris to try during this) Well around the 7th hole they gave him a ball to try ( they told him that it was specialized to fly straight and go where you hit it) well when he reared back to hit it... BOOM.. it exploded into a big white cloud! They said it was so funny and chris was so scared! LOL One of the guys had a fog horn and on the last hole he was saying it was going to be his best hit of the day... and he goes to hit it and they blow the horn and it almost hit the people to the side of them. How funny... I wish I could have seen it. We had the party at 6 last night and it turned out sooo good! Taylor made a video that we showed, and Tonya helped decorate while mom and sis kim set the cake up... It was the coolest cake I have seen! She did a great job and it was sooo good! Everything came together and I was so pleased! Chris had a blast and laughed so hard so I feel like it went really well... Bryan dressed up as chris! Complete with the bald cap and pillow under his shirt... he even had the tie on that they have matching ones of! It was great... so when Chris started walking into the back room of the resturant we all started singing Happy Birthday to Chris *aka Bryan) lol who was sitting next to me at this time, with his birthday hat on! Then he turned to Chris and said... Thank you for coming to my party! I dont think I have seen him laugh so hard! He was doubled over so much that he couldnt breathe!!! It was so funny... Bekah and Bryan did a skit too... They did one of Our first date and then ... like a year later... when bryan ordered his food he was like... yeah give me chips... (Im cheating today) lol Chris says that all the time when he doesnt want to diet! The present table was out best creation! Bekah fixed the bag... we had a mini victoria secret bag and the cut the bottom out of it, and attached it to cardboard, then put the two tables together and tablecloths on them... and put all the presents all around it, it was great! Ricardo and the other guys at the resturant thought it was so funny when we were practicing so when we started doing his presents they came back to watch. OMgoodness let me say I thought I laughed hard... well when I saw his face it was priceless! We gave him a couple presents first along with the ugly shirt... and the really eww tie! it was great... everyone was like wow that is gorgeous and chris was like uh yeah!... how funny, so bryan starts with the little bag and takes the paper out of the top and we had chris turn around so he could face the bag... and bryan pulls out a tie and something small... then he pulled out a cane! The look on Chris face was hilarious!!! He was not no way.. and about jumped out of his chair! It was great... then bryan pulled out a sword and another cane, more ties, and then an umbrella... it was so great... bekah did a great job with it! So anyway we didnt get home until really late and Im pooped! lol My back has started agrevating me again bad.. I dont know if a silly kidney stone is moving again or what... but its pretty painful... and I have to clean the house and pack before I leave for moms thank Jesus that taylor is already packed! :) That helps! I dont get off work until 5 and Im so so so pressed for time.. again! I really tried to get up at 5:30 and then 6 and then 6:30 and then well... I got up before 7 but I didnt have time to do some more laundry and get things going like I had planned and since Im not packed right now Im going to have to wait until chris gets up for work tonight so I dont wake him... well that is okay I do have a three day weekend so... we will get there! Just have to be there for Jeri's party tomorrow! We have another party to plan!!! Whew! lol (no gag gifts on this one... we are doing a twilight party!) Yay! With that... Have a great weekend! Happy Labor Day! Now Im getting back to work... so I can feel worthy for not working on Labor Day! LOL


"Blessings on You"