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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Christopher and Shannon Marie Haggard
Our Second Anniversary Date Night
The Fiddler on the Roof

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well where do I start??? Hmm I guess I will start with my husband is the best and he really went to great lengths to show me last night how much he really loves me and wants to make me happy.... why you say???? Well first because we celebrated early our 2nd anniversary and he took me to see "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Orpheam in Memphis, TN.... okay whats so big about that??? Well my hunny knows how much I love musicals and even though he may not like them... he took me anyway! lol
We had the best romantic night last night... actually we had an all around wonderful day yesterday... We decided to celebrate our anniversary early because of his work schedule and well because the play was only going to be going on this week :) I couldnt have picked a better day! Chris came to work yesterday and took me out for lunch, and we went to the part afterward to talk and just relax before I had to go back to work. After work I rushed home to get dressed so we could get on the road. Chris surprised me with dinner by taking me to Texas De Brazil. WOW is all I can say! I felt like I had died and went to heaven! The decor was breathtaking, the food tantalizing, and my husband was gorgeous! Of course we dressed up and (tearing up... I forgot my camera) But its okay... thats why Im blogging this! I was wearing my cute little black dress and carried a black clutch, and Chris was wearing his black suit with the blue shirt and tie that was of a black and blue design... we really looked sharp! lol

So did I die and go to heaven for real???? Well I dont want to be pinched! lol okay so we got to the restaurant at 6:30 and it really was amazing... It reminded me of the Carnivore in Kenya, only this wasnt the exotic game and well it wasnt with a group of people... just me and the love of my life. The salad was first... and OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Thank God for food! LOL The lobster bisque was simply the best! It put Red Lobster to shame! So anyway we had the most romantic dinner I think we have ever had! After we were through... we made our way back to the parking garage (we opted not to walk the few blocks... mainly because we were so full and it also looked like it would rain any minute. So we found a parking place a block away and got inside with 4 minutes to spare...We had to race up 4 flights of steps in about a minute because they were fixing to shut the door! AHH... so not only had we just ate... but come on... that was the most exercise I have gotten in a WHILE!!! It was so much fun though! So sweat pouring we were ushered to our seats that well someone was sitting it... so we took the nearby (good thing it wasnt packed out yet!) whew! The first scene opened up and I couldnt stop smiling... I looked over at Chris for a few times and he had the biggest smile on his face too! He was literally enjoying it! I think between the awesomeness of the evening to the smile on his face... it made me even the more happier! And wow to have the chance in a lifetime to see the Legendary Topal on stage!!!!! Was amazing! I laughed and cried... we took pics with our cell phones, and even a nice couple took a pic of us and sent it too us! Thank you Jesus for nice people. She asked if we were newly weds... lol I told her we were celebrating our second anniversary... but to be honest I feel like its sorta brand new again! I dont know when, where, or how things change but God has done something beautiful between us and I dont think he is done! So after the play was over we headed out only to find it was pouring... So here my chivalrous husband comes to my rescue and takes his suit coat off and puts it over my head and we rush through the rain! We stopped for donuts on the way home... yes perfect finish to the night! Thank you Jesus for 2 years and thank you for my wonderful Godly husband!