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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
This is a picture of The Chicago River, on St. Patrick's Day ~ How cool is that!
(would love to see this one day!)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!
     Everyone wearing green, and doing something festivious??? This has to be one of my favorites! One because... Its way too much fun to celebrate, Second because..... I have Irish in me, and of course my name is Irish! Mom said she named me after the Shannon River ~ who knows... maybe she told me that to get me to shut up when I was young... lol anyway good thing my middle name isnt river! HA HA yeah mom and I would have had talks about that one! lol 
Anyway I usually make an awesome St. Paddys day dinner... but well since we have church tonight its looking like keilbasa and sourkraut for me and sandwiches for the kids... (since they dont like stuff like that) Oh well... :) I have to be creative... Not really sure what has been up with me lately though.. I have had stuff to make decorations for the last few weeks and I just havent gotten around to it so I managed to draw a three leaf clover and hang it in the window along with my green swirly things that are actually supposed to hang outside! AHHH where has my head been??? (me going in circles!) lol
Well now that my window (that everyone sees) looks really ghetto I guess I can try to do what is in my head next year! At least though I have to say... I did wear green... green shirt, green scarf, and my cute little green clover hair clips! I have seen all but ONE person (other than myself) dress normal... My coworkers didnt even wear green!!! What is this world coming to???? LOL  I mean there is nothing on tv either! No Old Irish movies or anything worth viewing!!! My sisters are for sure having a blast in Hot Springs... with the parade going to be going on tonight everyone and everything is deked out with green! Oh well! Guess that is the difference in Manila and Hot Springs... I guess that is what I get for saying that I was going to live in a Big City when I was younger!!! Oh well!!! ~ LOL ~ ANyway ~  I can have a party all by myself! ~ what am I talking about... I AM A Party all by myself!!! Haha!!!  Well you all dont forget to kiss the blarney stone today...

                      Here ~I made one for you!!!

Now to go and get ready for Church!!!! Everyone have a great rest of the day!!!
"Blessings on You"

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