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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Relief work, Missions, and Presentations

Last month was my first month talking about reaching out and helping another country. My heart has always been for Foreign Missions and I have been blessed to be involved in 2 overseas trips to do mission work. With that... it had become my life. When I came back from Kenya, Africa I lived, breathed, talked, dreamt Africa and honestly my heart has never stopped in a way thinking of and learning something new from the things God allowed me to experiance and be a part of. With this said, I have wanted to do something here that would benefit the Foreign Missionaries and the people that they are called to in a way that would make an impact... whether organizing and prayer chain, fast chain, sending money, letters, etc... just something. I just wanted to be involved in this and showing others that there is more than the normal (to them) daily routines... So when the earthquake happened in Haiti... I of course with so MANY more saints went into a prayer mode for these precious brothers and sisters. While of course telling my husband we needed to adopt an Hatian baby (this was still while they had the adoptions open and pushing them through...) then wouldnt you know just as soon as my husband said yes for real...they closed all adoptions... well I came across the items that CSI was asking for and I was so excited because I thought man I can do this.. and then maybe if I could get the church involved that would be awesome! So I talked to Pastor after much prayer about this (you know how it is when something is sooooo dear to your heart) and he was excited about it and asked me to get a presentation together and present it to the church! I was so happy that this was happening! and THEN he came back later in this same service and told me that he would like for me to get something together every month about what was going on in the mission field and anything I would like to add. I was totally giddy by then! Jesus had heard my prayer again! I had asked before and well... it wasnt God's timing for me to do this... and then God moved for me when it was his time! Im so thankful to Him! I know this is just the beginning of great things!
I gave my presentation on Feb the 28th. While they were watching the video I made,  There was not a dry eye in the building. I had made up a packet to show the congregation, and I gave them what the Lord gave to me. I only choked up once... it was so awesome! Everyone wanted to be involved and we are going to send 50 personal care kits!. Which is more than double our goal! We are getting together on this Sat at 11:00am in the Fellowship hall to put them together! Im so excited! Im so excited to see our youth involved in this and  Im so glad for what the church globally has done for this cause! I will post on here the pictures from Saturday's effort as soon as I can!

"Blessings on You"

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