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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My oh My where has the time gone??? I am sitting here wondering how in the world its already the 19th of January and I haven't blogged since the last day of the year! Bless my heart! ( thats southern talk for "oh im such a ummm out of sorts person at this moment..." **among other things you would like to insert when you say that phrase LOL) Sooo we all know time flies and I am sure you all have experianced the same "clock" as I have.

 So how has everyone been? I do pray that everyone is great and that this year has brought some promising things into your lives! God has great things instore for His people.... The air is filled with an expectancy! There has been so much going on since the begining of the year that I have not had the time to blog like I thought I would... some of that is due to my hunny taking my computer and giving it back to me when Im too tired to see.... Thanks babe! lol
   Well since the begining of the year we actually have been consumed with Winter Jam 2010! It happened on the 15th of this month... last friday night! It had been in the making since the ministers retreat in Branson when Chris, Alan, Bekah and I had sat around a table at Steak and Shake and thought about what we could do for outreach.... then we had tried to get various preachers... and actually the Lord changed all our plans and layed it on Bro. David Bryan's heart to come and preach at this service. So with all that set... I worked on the small details.... with also planning a fundraiser for the weekend after that...(btw we have a spaghetti dinner on the 23rd if anyone is around stop by the church!)    Bekah had praise team practice the week before and last week with one final practice right before service... I so enjoyed being on the praise team, we had young people from several different churches in our section and around that were on the praise team and praise band. It was awesome! I am so proud of my husband! God is doing great things through him and oh how proud I am to be Mrs. Chris Haggard. ;-) We had about 240 people at the Winter Jam 2010. Bro. Bryan preached about Passion! A passion for the Cross, a passion for Jesus like we have never known! It was so awesome!  We opened up with Pre service - we had three drama teams do sign songs, then we went into the short video that we made about outreach and the countdown! The praise band started playing and then the curtains opened up with us singing We have overcome! How powerful and the anointing fell so strong! The Altar service was so great... so many people blessed and receiving a stronger passion! Our community center definatly had a holy ghost outpouring! After service we served chili and had fellowship and then Final Flight ( the winner of UPCI's Arkansas's Got Talent) came and performed! What a great night! Im so excited to plan the next one... Winter Jam 2011! So everyone mark your calanders! The tenative date is Jan 28th 2011. So now that I have time, I shall start filling you guys in with what all has been going on inbetween times! :)
"Blessings on You"

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