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Friday, January 22, 2010

We need a Miracle

God is a miracle worker! He is all Soverign and He always knows best... that is why I am asking you all to please, please pray for my sister in law Tonya. She has had pancreatic caner and sweet Jesus healed her of that... now she is dealing with cancer in her stomach... (its completely gone from her pancreas) She has not been doing good at all the last couple days and the doctor said in his opinion she has about 60 days... she is in so much pain and if God doesnt intervene it could be just any day... We have been praying and we believe that God can raise her from this sick cancer bed! We also know that she has lived way beyond what the doctors have said at the beginning... please pray for our family and for her... for whatever God sees fit.... The doctor said something yesterday that was great and actually profound... mom said that as long as there is breath there is hope... (which I have used this quote before) but he actually took it a step further... As long as there is hope.... there is a chance! So I humbly request for each one who may read this (if you are a believer in that Jesus answers prayers... that you say one for Her (Tonya Thomas) and our family)   She was heavily medicated last night and her fever was very high and we all prayed for her and when we got done she wanted to know if anyone needed the Holy Ghost because she felt the Lord so strong! She may have not been making sense with her words most of the night but here she was still wintnessing! Praise the Lord for the strength and determaination that my big sissy has! I love her soooo much!

"Blessings on You"

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