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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well it is the last day of the year! I cannot believe it! Im sitting here with all my housework done, food ready for tonights service and now Im sitting here waiting on Chris to get back from HYC and Im watching my ever anticipated marathon of The Three Stooges.... "Nnuck, Nnuck, Nnuck" 


I havent posted in awhile, I have been meaning too... but well I just havent really known what to say... Im super thankful of course for all that sweet Jesus has done for me this year.  I have learned alot this year, grown in Jesus a little, Of course I wish I had grown so much more in some areas... but well if Jesus wills there is always tomorrow to get a little closer, stonger, wiser.... My heart just overflows with adoration to my God, My King! I love Him so much! How could I ever repay him for all he has done and is doing in my life?  (little lightbulb going off)   I know I will live for him to the best of my ability the rest of my days!  One reason I havent posted much is because I lost a very dear friend of mine on Christmas day. ( let me insert here.. that I have the best and most understanding husband ever!) We found out last Sunday that Michael Cavitt was killed in a car wreak on Christmas Day... I could go on and on about him... good and not so.....  well.... (you know how best friends are) He was my very best friend before I met Chris... and of course he didnt stop being my best friend but he was definatly like a brother to me,... and a great man of God. My husband held me as I cried and listened with a heart of love as I reminisced a little..... God knows all and sees all and Im so glad he does.  ~ So to my dear friend Michael *aka* Father Frederick.... ~ he loved calling me sister mary shannon or mother superior (lol) Save us a space in the choir right next to you!
   Chris took the Youth to HYC this week and I so had to stay and work! AHHHH that is totally not cool! I missed going and being a part! I hate it! I was I think the only Youth Leaders wife that did not get to go! (and not only that ... I missed him soooooo bad!!!) ... lol usually Im the one going places while he is working... I think its because he was having fun without me... Yes, Yes I know I know it really is all about me sometimes... oh okay well most of the time then! LOL  Well lets see.. I havent taken my Christmas tree down yet., It will come down tomorrow! (I so love being a grown up) Christmas was great! Despite of the divorce in the family this year, daddy came over and passed out presents... I think mom and dad wanted to make it as normal as they could. I wish my mom would come to her senses though... but well I cant make the decision for her... I just want her to come back to the Lord.
    I want to say thank you to my faithful readers! You really inspire me to keep writing! I have a couple books I have worked on and some short stories that I am going to try and blog this next year... so stay tuned! :-)
   I want to say I really feel like some great things are going to happen this coming year and I believe that Jesus is going to bless me and my family, our finiances, and our church family... esp our youth! I cant wait to see what He will do!    Well until next year ~  Love you all bunches!!!  *-----O-----*      <-- thats a big hug! lol

"Blessings on You"

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Jaina said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, what horrible news. You and his family will be in prayers.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I hope 2010 is treating you well!

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