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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Updated: as of Sunday January 31 ~ Tonya is doing much much better! The doctors know it is just the Lord that has done the work! We are looking for an even greater report! Thank you all for praying!

This is my big sissy.... who is so very sick. They do not expect her to make it more than 48 hours.. I really dont want to let her go... but I dont want to keep her from her great blessing either! I pray that sweet Jesus will comfort our family and will give us grace in this time. She is a winner either way... but if I could keep her just a little longer I would love it!

Oh my all the memories that I have... I have only known her since 2007, but I feel like I have all of my life. We have had some great times, fun times, sad times, happy times.... all of the above times! lol I remember the first time I met her... she was sooo happy that her brother found me... She introduced me and showed me off to everyone!  lol This pic was our first Christmas together! This is before she had gotten sick. We all love you tonya so much!

"Blessings on You"

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Living deliberately. said...

I'm praying for your whole family. We have trouble in this life, but oh! On the other side!

I'm looking forward to meeting you at the wedding here in a few months. :)

Can you tell me about the pink french cafe on your sidebar? I love French-Country and also french bakeries.


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