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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poor Mousey!!!

Okay so this would be Gigi...... or so I thought! Turned out to be me!!!  ~  We were blessed with the presence of a icky little mouse around Christmas. I was cleaning out the pantry/laundry room in the kitchen and I had noticed that some chips had opened up and spilled into the bottom of this cute little basket I keep in there with packets of noodles, chips, and all the goodies... so I was thinking to myself (note to self... never think to yourself again) "I need to go ahead and clean this out" so here I am (just me and gigi in the kitchen) I take the basket to the garbage and begin cleaning it out, well as I was laying some stuff on the counter something kinda heavy dropped back down into the bottom of the basket... Now it wasnt that it was deep.... its just dark wood and everything dark blends in... so low and behold this thing jumped out but not without brushing against my hand... onto the floor almost on my foot and right to the side/under the couch (where gigi was like hey mom.... "behind me" what was that... well here I am (I had already jumped on the table.... trying to reach my phone to call my husband ~ like he could help being at work) gigi was hunched down looking at this mouse who was looking back with beady little eyes... (the nerve of it) well just as fast it dispeared into the unknown of the underbelly of my couch,... and me who is terrified of mice... well was on the phone laughing at me and telling me how that the mouse was more scared of me and was probably on the phone with his wife right now... lol Needless to say its kind of hard to hop on the furniture from the other room... lol well we looked for it when Chris got home that night but he was no where to be found... so he was kinda not thought of until one Sunday afternoon... (when again Chris was at work... *I think the mouse knew) Well I had gathered all my blankets and was laying on the couch with a very bad migraine and had a pillow over my eyes, all was quiet in the house gigi was on the blanket right beside me sleeping too... then... scratch, scratch, thud, (very close to my head) gigi was up.. I thought well maybe its just a fly or something... I mean come on.... this is totall my cat right here.... befriending the mouse and looking for something else making the mousey sounds~

Well ~ so I just out of curiosity thought I would check and see if I needed to get up and run to the bedroom and baracade the door... (I know laugh if you must but have you seen mighty mouse??? yeah....thats what I thought too...) so anyway Here my fearless gigi is standing on her back legs ever so elegantly with one paw outstretched on the  curtain trying to get something.... I looked up and saw on the inside of my curtain something dark CLIMBING up the inside!!!! Okay so when did they learn they can they climb material (I really feel safe in my big bed now! ~ with the flowing bed skirt) Meanwhile, Im on the phone calling Chris to have him do something and all the while saying good Gigi stay right there.... ummm she got bored (okay okay so guess by now I found out she wasnt a mouser!) Well Chris told me to call a good friend of ours to come over and I did... but while they were on their way the mouse started making its way down the curtain... (come on here I am watching it... I grabbed something first the cat and she wouldnt stay there.. then a tennis raquet and hit the curtain, it scurried back up to the top) I contemplated getting some hair ties and tying the curtain at the top and bottom so that it wouldnt go anywhere but that would have required me getting really close. So as you would imagine before our friends got there the silly shadow of a mouse disapeared! WHATTT???? REALLY???? (couldnt find it... my nice and big winter coat was laying close by... I wouldnt wear it! Couldnt! What if I pulled a mouse out of my pocket at CHURCH??) Well Bro. Gary and Samantha came and he looked but couldnt find it... I begged him not to mention it behind the pulpit that night... thank you Jesus he didnt... but gave threatening looks like he might (whew).
Well actually after this day ~ It got really busy for me so I kinda forgot about the mysterious mouse. The holidays came... had a great time.. Got Chris and Taylor ready for HYC (I couldnt go, had to work) Hated staying here while everyone was having fun... oh Well!  I was getting ready for New Years Eve service and waiting on them to get back from HYC... so I warmed up the dinner and picked up the house. I went to the living room window and was cleaning around it when what did I see.... there was something furry and gray peaking out from under the recliner... (of which I had been sitting on) *shudder* I lifted up the back of the recliner (because I thought surely it wasnt the real one but the play one gigi likes) um NOPE... it was a stiff one though! I looked and looked waiting for it to move... I even put the chair back down and picked it up again... (thought I saw it twitch...) well I was sooooooooo relieved! Gigi was sitting across the room looking at me and I looked at her and said in an elated and excited sigh *YOU Are a Mouser arent you!!! *  She started meowing like she was saying *Yes of course mom! I love to play with mouses... but it dont squeek anymore...* okay so maybe not that...
Anyway I got on the phone with Chris and told him what our little mouser did and he promised to get it when he got home... We totally didnt have time! (the church van had broke down so everyone was running late) So we had time to change, eat and rest just a little before leaving for church to bring in the New Year.
 New Years Day was wonderful! Chris asked me out on a date! :) My ever romantic husband! Love it! We were fixing to get ready and I told him of another video our friend had posted on FB of their choir that had won "How Sweet the Sound"  (Atlanta West Choir) so I told him to get online while I fixed my hair and pull it up so we could hear it! Love Choir music! The music went off and I heard Amazing Grace come on... played on the Bagpipes! Oh how I love to hear that! BUT I looked out the Bathroom door as if to say... ummm what happened to the hopping Holy Ghost choir... and here I saw my hunny (in his unmentionables nonetheless)  walk slowly toward the recliner... then it dawned on me!!! WE are having a Funeral for the Mouse! HA HA HA... I couldnt stop laughing... as Chris carefully wrapped a napkin around the mouse and carried him to the garbage can (all the while the bagpipes are blasting in the background) and me almost in the floor cause of the sight before me... So here standing at the garbage can (trying not to bust with laughter again because he was trying to be seriously funny) He askes Do you have any last words??? HAAAAAA.... Okay I was like goodbye and good ridance! (whew) Then I asked him if he had any last words... He then said into the garbage.... "Thank you for all the laughs you gave me when my wife called to tell me what you were doing" as he wiped an imaginary tear away " Im gonna miss you" and started laughing.....  
So ends the story of the poor mousey! Hope you all enjoyed!

"Blessings on You"

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