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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Some things I would love to have...... for Christmas!

Just a few things on my list this year... LOL

I love this orange color!
 I totally need a camera so I can really upload some pics! :o)

I love some Tuscany!!! ~

Love this Bike! Check
out the cutest basket!
Hmm so I am thinking
I really love some Orange!

   My momma and daddy always said that money didnt grow on trees....
but I totally have the picture to prove it!!!! and I want one! :o)  Dont be sad everyone! You can grow your own... I will tell you the secret later...

P.S. I told you daddy that hugging those trees would pay off!!!


Of course to work off all the holiday pounds I would love to have a wii fit.... with PINK accessories.. please!

Then really if you cannot think of anything else to get me.... I would like to have a ..... drum roll please....

Maybe... just maybe a European Vacation???? LOL ( I guess I will just settle for a pic of Chris! LOL ) *christmas skit joke, coulndt resist!*

Here are some other ideas...

A new hat, flower neck thingie (someone please tell me what that is... because it is way too cute) I dont think I need the gloves.. lol

This dell laptop with Africa on it... the name of the design is Shine within 8 by Siobhan Gunning. Also when you purchase this design... they give $20.00 to the global fund to help elimanite Aids in Africa...  Love it! ~ and helping Africa at the same time... totally me! :o)

Or of course a mangerie of gift cards would not hurt!

Of course Love will do... and Peace if we would all come together.... Is it too hard to ask???!!!! So I got a little carried away on the blog today.. hopefully I made you all laugh!!!

"Blessings on You"

 Oh and dont forget to .......

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