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Thursday, December 3, 2009

So Im just a tad bit aggrevated!
                                                     Okay so a lot!

I need some shani time so bad... just time to really be by myself, and work on some projects...
Now before you think... what???!!!!   
 Let me explain! ~
  I have some projects I want to work on, namely ~
 The S. Marie Collection
... especially for Christmas.... and to sell but, well ~ I have a full time job... and then some... (meaning I work with the public monday through friday.. and then I go home and work there)... Im usually either cleaning the house or we have something planned and are not at home... so by the time I get to sit down its usually about 10pm and then sometimes if I am not finishing up on cleaning or taking a shower...  will watch a show together that we record earlier in the evening... (which is usually really nice to breathe) If we decide to talk between then.. I almost have to repeat myself or dont get a response,  because my hunny is in his (im not here mode) usually chatting with his friends online, txt msging, and watching tv... and heaven forbid that I have to get him to answer a question or talk to me!!! LOL Crazy that I actually met and married a man that can multitask! 
( In the words of Christopher Walken) WoW  ~ Wah...

So anyway... I am a dreamer... but Im super tired of all my dreams just laying in wait... and some of them being crushed never to be repaired! What is up with that?? Im the kind of woman that when I start on something I hate to not finish it... but I also work on a few at a time... so right now I have a big peice of canvas hanging in the middle of my living room and kitchen on the wall that I am drawing the Effiel Tower on and then Im going to paint it in... Im turning my bedroom into a little bit of Paris' (something I have wanted to do since I got married) geez it takes money...
wowwah I didnt know!?  < :o) ----me being just a bit sarcastic. I guess I could be like others and go out and buy new and super expensive stuff all the time??
hmmm Anyway
 I also have a picture that I am repainting and fixing... and I have to say it is turning out beautifully! I so wish I would have finished Interior Design School when I first started it... now I seriously have NO time for it. and the funny thing is... Im not as busy as I could be.. when I didnt work for a little over a month (over a year ago now)  my husband made sure I was busy with so much stuff I didnt even have time to clean the house like I wanted too.... so work is my sainty! lol

 Hmmm I wonder if anyone feels the same?

I have been asking and asking for a sewing machine, and well they get expensive I guess... because I didnt get one for my birthday sooo I decided to ask Jesus to find me a sewing machine... well He found me one... it was brand new in the box for 35 dollars! What a blessing! I got a few things of thread and some material, and Chris bought me some material to make a duvet cover for our bed... which Im excited!

But well my great collection is starting to burn there on the back burner... Does anyone have a great time management plan that I can tap into?

Meanwhile I am so NOT allowed to buy anything else to make until I start working on what I have so far.... NOT to mention that I need some felt, and some fleece in different colors... and I need some flowers, and decorative tiles, ink and stamps... Im supposed to be making stockings this year and I wanted to make some presents... (why I am tearing up right now I dont know... I guess Im being way way WAY tooo emotional! ) Maybe its because I was told that Im pretty much incompentent because I havent even started on this... so how could I even begin to think of starting on something else. UGH...
 This is turning into a vent my frustrations blog so I see... Its funny but all I can hear is my bff saying that Im just making my life all about poor pitiful me... geez!!! (RUNNNNNNING) okay so Im just doing that in circles! HAHA

Let me tell you ~
I really am super awesome person who absoutly loves to laugh and have fun and be around people who bring out the best in me and I in them.... (looking around ~ where did everybody go?)

This is my Egypt. This is the place in my life where all I can see is the red sea in front of me and pharaoh and his chariots behind me... Where is the cloud by day and the pilar of fire by night? Hmmm I dont know BUT I trust that it is there.  Alot of stuff has happened and of course I know its not the end... Im thankful Im here because well at least Im here and not uh... there.  :-)
I shall get off my soapbox now... I dont know even how I got on it... but If anyone does read these crazy blogs of mine... just take heart! I will totally be my non frustraited self... soon... :)
"Blessings on You"

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