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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Good Morning

Good Morning!
We have 9 more shopping days till Christmas... Yay!!!
<----Insert Me and Chris

The weather is nice, and just a little crisp here.... good "get you in the Christmas mood" weather.  Chris and I are going to Memphis after lunch... SOOOO EXCITED!!! I so love to go shopping with my BFF... Holidays are the best time to go shopping with him because he actually will look around. :o> Love him! .....
 lol nuff about him... more about me..... Im on the look out for the big guy in the red suit.....

(Calling rather loudly.... Santa... oh santa where are you..... lol  ---- >

Oh there you are..... okay you spell my name.... S.H.A.N.N........... wait uh thats the naughty side.... uh arent you going to turn the paper over?????  Oh well... You arent Santa... you smell like beef and cheese!!!

LOL yes just in case you are wondering... I DO crack myself up! lol

Soooooo Anyway ~ ~ ~ lol

Okay so last night I sat down at my sewing machine that I bought in November and well okay..... the tension was being weird and then I tried to use a very lightweight material without that fuse stuff.... and that didnt work but things were going on just swimmingly.... then well.... We had a fight.. and I told it that it was either going to behave or be thrown out! Yes I did..... lol well ..... I guess it was more like " ahhhhhhh (tears) please work right... " LOL okay okay so I know it cant talk back but you know... so anyway the bobbin thread was doing some crazy stuff so I had to take it out which Im glad I did... because I had to clean it... I guess the previous owner didnt do that... well trying to put it back...... UGH it took me 45 minutes, a broken needle, and then a tutorial online (because the book wasnt clear) to put it back in... so 45 minutes later, 5 extra minutes to figure out how to take that needle out and put in a new one... (recalculating time..... 50 mins!) I was able to use it again.... BUT I do know how to do that again and my sewing machine and I are friends now! YAY! I did get one stocking sewn! I was going to hand sew it and had actually started to but I didnt like it and took that out and then sewed it the same color as the felt and I liked it so much better because of what I am going to do to them! Im so excited.... I have 7 more to cut out now and sew! WHEW!!!!  I will post a picture of the stockings when they are complete!

Anyho!!! :o)
I hope everyone has a great day!!!
"Blessings on You"


Cylinda Nickel said...

Really- you are making stockings? How amazing are you???

Shannon Marie Haggard said...

Ha ha.... well I dont know about amazing... but I sure am having fun! I hope to have one completly finished... oh what am I saying... I should have more than one finished tomorrow... so I will totally post a pic! LOL

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