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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wow! Could it really be November the 17th??? I haven't written in ...... how long??? 14 days??? Oh my... Im sorry you guys haven't been privy to my life lately. Although when I am not at work I am super busy... but I honestly do not have an excuse as to why I haven't blogged during the day while I am here at work. Hmmmm.... let me think maybe I will come up with something.... (Eureka!!!! ~ Ive got it... oh ummm just kidding. :o/ ) Honestly I have had so much to blog about but not enough time to sit and spend the time needed to do so. So I have to say I will recap here what has been going on but first...
Cylinda ~ I saw your comment just the other day and I will most defiantly get some of the pics from our Halloween Party on here... :) Thank you for being a faithful reader! You inspire me! :)
Meanwhile ~ At the beginning of the month we went to the Arkansas District Ministers and Wives Retreat. It was very nice and relaxing in spite of our vehicle breaking down while we were on our way... Chris went back last week to Branson to get the SUV... and its still up at the shop.. Thank God they are going to let us trade it in... without having anything else down... :-) So anyway back to the retreat. I really enjoyed the services..He talked about not letting bitterness take root and to keep our hearts right before God. Of course we may have all heard that before... but I love it when God reiterates it to us... because he knows and he just wants to bring us a "friendly" reminder. :) I love him for that! and of course he defiantly did some things in us while we were there.. I felt like we grew just a little bit more.
Im teaching Sunday School again!!!! I am so excited about it! ... I used to be a SS teacher when I lived in East TN before I got married for about 5 years.... then of course when I moved here no one needed anything. I missed teaching so bad and Chris and I had been praying for a class to come open, and one did... and the Lord moved on my behalf. I taught ages 7-11 before... but I am super excited about my 3-6 class. This is definatly a new adventure for me, I had 8 kids this last Sunday... (whew) the only thing I need to get down is the potty breaks and the kids who want their mommies... ( I know I used to be one of them) ( I may need a helper though... for that and helping with the snacks) They are super precious. I cant wait to teach them all the Lord gives me! Of course, Chris and I being the youth leaders... I would like to teach the youth but this too is the future of our youth group, it will be fun to see how they all grow up! I feel like Jesus is wanting to teach me through this. (funny as it may sound). So stay-tuned for the excited adventures of Sister Shani... :) lol
I found a sewing machine for 35 dollars (brand new) Im so excited! I finally get to see all the stuff in my head come to life! (the S.Marie Collection will really be for real soon!) I have so many plans and I defiantly plan on giving it a "Shani" flair! lol We went to Hancock Fabrics over the weekend and found some material for my duvet cover that I want to make... now I have to find a pattern! I have seen so many different blogs that I have gathered inspiration from! Thank you all for the great posts you all post!
I am making pointseitta corsages, and Christmas ornaments for our Christmas concert and I asked Chris if I could put a backing on them that says made exclusively for Manila First UPC Christmas Concert 2009 by The S. Marie Collection... or something like that... so actually Im super excited. :) I was supposed to start making a tie for Chris last weekend and we were so busy I didnt get to sit down at home very long... soooo maybe this next weekend!
Mary my sister came down on Sunday evening and left this morning! I was so happy and excited to see her and spend time with her. She called us on Veterans Day to tell us some great news! Im going to be an Aunt... oh and Chris is going to be an Uncle of course.... lol (But well Im not ashamed to say its all about Aunt Shani instead of Uncle Chris -ee since its my sister) lol :) Kidding of course. But Im happy for her... She will be a great mom I know. Anywho... that about sums up everything that has happened until now... Daddy and Gabby and Jeri are coming for Thanksgiving... so Im excited and I have had my Christmas stuff up for a couple weeks now! Im so excited! Well until next time! ~

"Blessings on You"


Cylinda Nickel said...

Okay you hav TONS to blog about- what are you talking about girl- Glad you are teacing SS_ what an important lifechanging job that is-

have a grea weekend!

Shannon Marie Haggard said...

Oh girl.. :) I am SUPER glad to be teaching SS... Im just hoping I can bring it to their age levels... ya know? I want to make lasting impression of the Lord on their lives. The kids I have taught previously, have emailed me and told me of the things they remember me teaching them and all the stuff we made,and learned and it is so wonderful to know they still remember! I just want to be a great impact on this age too.

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