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Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday!!!

I hope everyone has had a crazy fun time shopping! :-) Ever since I watched Good Morning America yesterday morning... I have been surfing the Black Friday Ads ~ I love it... It makes me have the same giddy excitement as when you pick up the paper and all the awesome ads fall out!!!! Love it! I would be braving the crowds..... but alas (sigh) I had to work today (hanging head in sadness), BUT ~ we will be doing some shopping this weekend (yay! Clapping and jumping up and down) LOL when we head to Hot Springs.

Well... I tried to get on here yesterday ~ but in between Cooking and painting and getting some stuff started that I have been meaning too but never have time for... I looked at the clock at 11:30pm and reminded myself that I need to blog... but it was so late... I thought I will just do it on Friday ~ So here I am! :0) HAPPY THANKSGIVING.... yesterday! lol I hope everyone had a great time with family and friends! Chris and I started a new tradition... we had a fondue party for two! We decided against the "traditional" Thanksgiving meal since his family was out of town and mine couldnt come in and the kids spent it with their other mom.... so we decided to do something fun!!
Here is a pic of our table after we got done.. lol I didnt think to talk a pic before we started eating.. mainly because my camera is messed up.. but my cellphone did a great job capturing it... dontcha think?? :)

We had Chocolate fondue, Cheese fondue, and a special spinach and artichoke dip.. :o) Meatballs, Smoked Sausage,

Sausage Balls, Rolls and the desserts! Chocolate chip cookie bites, Sugar Cookie Bites, Chocolate covered ritz crackers, chocolate covered marshmallows, Rice Crispy Treats, yumm!!!

Now it is offically Christmas time!!!! Just remember through this wonderful season.... The BEST way to spread Christmas Cheer.... is to sing LOUD for all to hear!!!!

And with that.... Im in a store and Im singing.. Im in a store and IM SINGING.... :o>

"Blessings on You"

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