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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Remember the Halloween Party????..... Here are the Pics!!!

These are not in order how the party went... but they are some of the funniest!
My fearless Knight in uhh... Inflated Armor! / Eye See You!!!

Me, Tonya (my sissy), Taylor (my little girl) / Me and My Big Daddy.... LOL

Rawr!!! ~ Taylor being Feisty / I LOVE my MUMMY!!!!

Some of our Youth Group!!! / A silly pic of us in the last room of the haunted house....
"Blessings on You"


Anonymous said...

Good morning sister.... It is great to read such insperation.. You have put joy in my heart and a praise in my step, I hope to read more!!

Thanks, Sally

Shannon Marie Haggard said...

Thank you Sally! Im so glad you enjoy my blog! You inspire me by you being inspired! God bless you so much! :o) ~ Shani

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