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Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Monday!!!!
Well 3 more days until Thanksgiving!!!!
I was so super excited that I was getting to make Thanksgiving dinner at my house ~ until yesterday
when my hunny knew before me .... that my daddy and sisters arent coming for the day!!!!!
So Im kinda saddened!
Chris is working nights so really we wont be having Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving anyway... How dreadful!
Although really it shouldnt matter because before I got married I was hardly ever home on Thanksgiving anyway... We always had our District conference on Thanksgiving and well ya know... I had to go and do the single things... so now why is it such a big deal you ask????
Because I want to have a PITY PARTY thats why!!! ( and you are all invited to my party!)
Anway ~ Well I dragged my sisters to those things so I was always with them... well er most of the time at least.. :)
hmmmm OK ~ well because its MY house!
* sigh *
oh well ...... and Even though I already decorated for Christmas... ( it is super beautiful!) they wont get to see it except for Mary because she came down for the day a couple weeks ago... so LOL okay so I cannot keep on like this... Its really okay that they arent coming over... (I guess :o] LOL )
Chris and I are leaving after I get off work on Friday to go over there... so they may get lucky and get to taste my cooking afterall! lol Maybe! BUT just to let Mary know (just in case she is reading this ) I am NOT bringing my Christmas tree! No, NO I am not! So dont ask again!!! You may have made it out with Brinkley... the porch cat but you cant have my tree!
Its staying in my living room! LOL :o>
So anyway I need to stay on track.... hmmm wait the tracks ran out!!! What??? I told Chris to put the train tracks all around the tree... Okay so Im backing up..... (beep..beep...beep) okay so
MEANWHILE while all that was going on....
Thanksgiving thats what it was... Thanksgiving...

Well I want to say ~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING
to all my wonderful friends and family
and the vege table arians ,
and carb eater arians,
and the ill egial aliens,
and the cute little furry......
well I guess the tracks had a bump .... Sorry...

Okay in all seriousness now... I am sooo super thankful for so many things!
* My Jesus
* Being filled with the Holy Ghost
*My wonderful Husband
*All of My great Family
*Our Church family all over the World
* My pastor
*Our Youth
*My Sunday School Class
*My five senses
* The ability to laugh
* Vision (spiritual)
*Prayer, my direct link to the throne room!
*Great Friends
*Time spent with a loved one
*Another day/ year to serve the Lord and make a difference
*Rainbows (for they remind me that God is with me and he has NOT forgotten me)
*Hershey's Chocolate bar with Caramel.... I could totally take a swim in that!
*My sewing machine that Jesus supplied me with... (now I am claiming some ME time to make something)

I know I could go on and on... and I may come back and add something later... but you all get the idea...
Oh and I am super thankful for anyone wanting to stop by here and see what is going on! :) Thank you for reading my blog! Love to all!!!

"Blessings on You"

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