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Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Morning all my friends! Hello
Its friday (yay) and I have a busy busy weekend coming up!
I am working in Bly today.... I love these people... but I love the people I work with in my city too! Its nice to see all my friends and customers here.
(little happy tear)
We have a "back to school" youth rally tonight in Brookland, I have to be at the church and leave at 6:00pm! AHHH.... lol It takes me a half hour to get home from here... so hopefully I can leave just a little early... if we are not busy she doesnt mind... so "Lord" .... please... please... please let it slow down by 4:30 :o>
Tomorrow is outreach day in Brookland (so ExCiTeD!!)... last time it was so fun! We handed out tracts to the whole city and then had a service and lunch... it was great! (totally not kidding) So I am really looking forward to what they have planned for this city! (singing in my mind... God of this city)
Have a great weekend to everyone who might read this!!!

"Blessings on You"

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