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Monday, August 24, 2009

Doctor Day!

Oh where, Oh where has the gigi gone???
Okay so I have to be truthful, this picture was not taken this morning...
but it really should have been!
Today is Gigi's day to go to the doctor! She wasn't too happy when Chris put her in the car!
I cannot go with because I'm working... but he came by the bank to get the SUV... because his little work car doesn't have any air... and gigi is too pampered to not have air! lol We wouldn't even think of doing anything different! He called for me on the way up here and my coworker answered the phone and put it on hold and told me that there was a man on the phone and someone was screaming in the background... well of course it was my very concerned husband and a very sad cat! My poor babies! I got the SUV started so all he would have to do is park the car and jump in.. and then I went and picked up the carrier... poor baby of mine! Gone are the cute thoughts of raising her for road trips! I have failed terribly! lol so I tried to calm her down... and get her to stop crying... then I prayed for her and she was super quiet... until I stopped praying.. I called Chris a little later mainly to just check on him... because I know how that can be traveling with her... and I told him to try not to pull his hair out! we had a good laugh over that one! and then he put me on speaker phone so I could talk to Gigi... and well she had to tell me all about it! I just pray that all is okay and she will be fine! well along with my brave husband!
(about the pic... I was putting some stuff up in the bedroom the other day and couldn't find the cat... I was walking toward the closet and looked down.. and saw her wedged in where Chris had moved one of his watch boxes from in the armoire! How funny! I ran for the camera before she had time to move! I still don't know how she got in there!)

"Blessings on You"

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