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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gigi is doing great! The doctor said she was a very healthy and beautiful cat... but she had just a little bit of a kitty rash like a diaper rash of sorts!... weird I have never heard of that! lol so I got some new litter yesterday thats not as dusty and hopefully it will do the trick! She was so happy to be home last night. While I was out getting different litter... I picked up a new collar for her, its cute its green with a jingle bell (which she loves!) She actually sat there patiently while I put it on her and adjusted it! After I got it on, I told her how pretty she looked and it was so funny, she started walking and then gracefully stretched out her legs! How funny she is so prissy! :) lol I sure do love that cat! She didnt leave my side when I got home either!

"Blessings on You"

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