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Thursday, August 13, 2009

This was the theme for North American Youth Congress in Nashville, TN. This year's conference was just as good as the previous years! I was so excited to be able to go, and to take our youth! No one in our group had ever heard of it or thought it was a really big deal, so to see all of the faces as we sat on the front row... and as they looked around at the already packed stadium on Wednesday night was priceless! One of them voiced that they never knew that there were this many apostolic youth that lived the way they did! I was so and still am so pleased and happy to see that our young people got to witness with their eyes... the 17,000 plus young people coming together to worship our Great God ~ Jesus Christ, in one mind and one accord! We had a lot of fun and witnessed a great move of the spirit!

It was so awesome! The Holy Ghost filled this place in such a way that it felt like a whirlwind! It started on one side and just swept to the other!

Here is a picture of some of our youth getting a blessing!
(there is a bigger pic of this on my facebook:) )
The greatest thing I think for me at this conference was not only my personal touch from God, but also to see our youth get ahold of God in a way that they never had! To see a new found (Im NOT the only one out there knowledge) To see that it is okay to be different! For the girls to wear skirts and have long hair! To see the young men worshiping and praising... and that they got a fire that didnt just last them the weekend.... we were still shouting last night.. and sitting on the front row! (and that was a wednesday!) :) My goal is to see our youth stay on fire! To see them grow in God! To be proud to be different and to look different from the people at school! To be a light! To go beyond the normal! To step out into the areas that they have not yet touched! To make a stand! Im so proud and excited for our youth! I love them so much! Bryan told me at NAYC that he wanted to do missions... and for anyone who knows me... that is my calling and my heart! I want my heart buried in Africa, because in all honesty every day that I live Im there in my heart! So when he told me... I just wanted to cry! Happy tears! Im so proud of him... I took him to the AYC booth and got him a mission application, and he was so excited! He told me last night that he had seven of them but couldnt find any... LOL Never fear! I totally have extras! :) If I went on and on I would have to name all of our young people... because I am proud of each and every one of them! Im super proud of "Special K"! (love that girl) :) We did so much over the 3 days we were there... Went to services...went to Opry Mills mall... went to Stingray reef... went to Rainforest Cafe.... went to the mall again! (Afterburner) :) but the services and spending time together was probably the best! :) Of course it was! lol To cap it all off on Friday night we definatly had a Holy Ghost blow out! People were being blessed so much... getting drunk on the Holy Ghost, being slain in the spirit... girls and guys were being carried out to church vans still speaking in tounges! It was such a wonderful sight! and it wasnt just happening on the floor... it was in the bleachers too! It was amazing! Bro. Wayne preached an awesome message! Beyond the drift!!!! Man I want to shout right now!!! Im just so happy! Here I am stuck in little Manila... and I was able to get the young people involved in a great thing!!! Im so excited! :) God isnt done with me yet!!! :) lol Here are some more pics!

Me and Holli

Alan and Nathan during praise and worship

Jeri and Crystal
Taylor and Aunt Gabby
Bryan and Chris (with sharky! LOL he has a shark in his hand and bryan is trying to pretend like he is scared!)

Our Beautiful Youth Group!

Acts 2 Crew

"Blessings on You"

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