My Medifast Journey Began on April 27, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

What Happened???

Soooo Today, I have NO IDEA what is wrong with me... but before I knew it I had consumed a taco supreme that my husband brought home, Then I went to the store and ended up getting, One small bag of mini reeces peanut butter cups, almost a whole king size butterfinger candy bar, and if that wasnt enough I went to Sonic and got a Chicago Style Dog. UMMM Okay well So I have been doing Zumba this week and even though I went on a stupid binge when we went on vacation... that I was truly paying for.... I was trying to catch back up and had to put into consideration that excercising can make me gain some pounds due to the muscle.... well I went and weighed around 11:30 and I noticed that I was STILL at 250! WHAT????? It has almost been my whole second month on Medifast! Im soooooooo BUMMED! Im not sure what to do? I paied for a whole month of Zumba classes... becaiuse it is fun and well I thought it would help me loose weight! BUt Im so not sure! Im really bummed! I have been doing great (except for my little indecresion today) since I have been back from vac.... two weeks yesterday! I gained about 6 to 7 pounds on that so Im down that... but I cant get back to my previous weight of 248! Lord please bestow upon me some Supernatural Weight LOSS!!! In Jesus Name! A.M.E.N :)
"Blessings on You"

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