My Medifast Journey Began on April 27, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Caution ~ Serious complaining ahead...  
Im seriously so bummed right now! Here I am at work and all I can do is think about HOW big of a mess I have in our SMALL apartment! Its my fault for having so much stuff I know... but it used to be an organized mess.
 My husband got this beautiful idea to make our bedroom look nicer by getting me a gorgeous headboard and footboard (of course it takes up way more of our already small room ... and now... nothing fits under the bed (so no storage there) my desk and all my craft stuff that I had in the corner with my desk had to come out of there... with my cool polka dotted desk in my stepsons room and my craft stuff EVERYWHERE (his room, kitchen table, counters, floor) .... and still yet I have a book case full of books in my room that I have to find a place for. At least I had a color scheme working for me... Crazy how many problems ONE thing can do to a room! Why would everything have to change now?  Gah!!!!! I HATE clutter!!! Absoutly HATE clutter! It makes me feel icky and hopeless! Okay so it sounds like I hate change too... not true.. I just would like to have room to put my stuff to be able to use it and make creative things for people! I have soooo much to do and I have to sit here at work until 4:30. I have No idea on where to start, I have One tote and alot of stuff to find a place for. I need a declutter fairy at my house during lunch! Someone help! Before I loose my mind in my "deliriously happy" house! LOL Im ready to take garbage bags home and start pitching! Hmmm maybe I shall! I just hate to think of throwing away a fun part of me! A place where I loose all my insainity! :) Well there goes another part of me... being chipped away.... "chink....chink"

Well on a lighter note.... My dear husband is making a storage shed for his motorcycle and told me I could put my craft stuff out there... I guess for a few years it will be okay out there right?? ..... sigh.... I will be better tomorrow when all is well with my house! When things come together I love it! :)
In the mean time ~
If anyone has any ideas on decluttering... please comment with some advise! I desperatly need it!
"Blessings on You"

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