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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweet temptation? How gazing at cake helps you lose weight
Yah Right???? Come on are they SERIOUS??!!!
Have your cake... and avoid it: HAHAThe sight of treats encourages healthy eating
Women who want to lose weight can have their cake – as long as they don’t eat it, scientists believe. Are these the same guys that don't believe in God , and therefore don't believe in the devil ~ so really "temptation" from whom???
A study found that showing weight-conscious women pictures of sweet treats strengthens their resolve to eat healthily. The finding suggests that glossy adverts designed to make cakes, chocolate and desserts irresistible may actually have the opposite effect. It also means that the secret to losing weight could be as simple as decorating your fridge door with pictures of forbidden tasty treats. What? Like a goal??? Im thinking (decorate the fridge with umm like a vacation place, a bathing suit you want to get into and so on..) Dutch psychologists asked 54 female students to look at a picture of either a slice of chocolate cake or a flower under the guise of a memory test. okay, so they asked 54 female students who are either super skinny, or have just eaten, or perhaps... do not like or cannot have chocolate... (but what about all the other delectable treats out there???) and show them a pic of either a slice of cake or a FLOWER??? where is the comparison???? Im totally not going to be eating a flower anytime soon... (just sayin)
The Utrecht University researchers then questioned the students about any plans to eat more healthily before offering them a choice between a chocolate or oatmeal cookie. Women shown the cake picture made healthy eating a higher priority than those shown the flower. They are confusing the poor girls... They were also significantly more likely to pick the healthier option of the oatmeal cookie, New Scientist reports. Researcher Floor Kroese said feelings of guilt may help strengthen resolve against temptation. Like it did with EVE??? oh yeah I forgot we are dealing with "scientists" She said: ‘Food temptations do not always trigger indulgence. ‘It seems that seeing a food temptation reminded people of their goal to watch their weight and helped them act accordingly.’ hmmm so they they eat it but dont indulge in "binging on the chocolate" i see She said that sticking pictures of tempting foods on the fridge door may help to bring weight-watching goals to mind.But pictures pinned up should be of the dieter’s favourite forbidden treat, as anything less could backfire and lead to a raid on the biscuit tin. Ya think??? Ayelet Fishbach, a professor of behavioural studies at the University of Chicago, agreed that looking at pictures of cakes and other sweet treats could benefit slimmers. <--- is that a name for the skinny people who binge on shaved ice??? YUMM! ‘In moderation, this positive impact of food temptations will overcome the negative impact – the urge to indulge,’ she said. Previous research has suggested that it is possible to eat chocolate and lose weight, as long as it is early in the day. Uhhh Double Entrandre??? Women who ate a big breakfast, complete with a generous slab of chocolate, lost more weight than those who started the day with a small breakfast. Hmmm?? Welll maybe because they #1 were skinny to begin with, #2 were bulimic, #3 didnt eat anything else that day and exercised until they dropped (they didnt mention how much they lost in comparison, #4 Had super high metabolisms, or # 5 Was totally all sugar free... hmm just a thought They were also less likely to pile the pounds back on. The researchers said starting the day with a sweet treat could curb later cravings for calorie-rich foods. Or like most of us.... make us hungry for more... Now pass me a piece of that chocolate cake... since it will help me loose weight... (its still the morning, part of my breakfast... right??? ) Read more:

My original post today was going to be... AHHHH I cant stop eating sweets! HELP! but this was too funny... so honestly right now... I do not want any sweets... but hey that could change at anytime... Pray people PRAY for me!!! :)
"Blessings on You"

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