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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I truly believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason, season, or a lifetime. Then there are those who are all three. It is nice to have those kind. My momma always taught us girls that most of the time in your life the only best friends you will ever have is your family, so make sure you are and stay close to them, and sometimes in your life you are blessed beyond measure to find those friends aka. Comrade in arms... your soul sista or brotha who not everyone is fortunate to find. I thank Jesus for all my friends that have entered into my life whether we may talk on a regular basis, or if we just know that the other is there if we need them... and somehow that is just enough.

I have this friend whom with I have shared so much with that somehow throughout the times we have lost that camaraderie to some extent... Not sure how or why... but if anyone who is anyone knows me (lol) knows that I love fiercely and I don't like to let go.
  • Im a petter
  • Im a doter
  • Im a romantic
  • and Im sometimes silly
  • I love to laugh, smile, and have alot of fun

I don't always like to share my friends with everyone else... whenever its my time with them... ... and I have been faulted for taking life to seriously, and being uptight and snobby... but however I have been portrayed... nothing else stands as sure as ..... I love my friends.. I seriously love this friend that I am referring to. Not sure what is going on or what will come of it... but I know that I have and will continue to find what was lost there.

How funny that Jesus loves each and every One of us the same.... and EVEN all the more... He loves us with a Jealous love! He wants us and just us... Not us and our cell phones, or us and our books, or us and our TVs, computers, etc... He wants us! He wants all of us! Not half of us... I know sometimes I will be talking to my husband and saying something that I think is important or just something in passing, and if he is preoccupied he doesn't hear me...
Are we doing that to Jesus?
He wants to be our best friend.
I know I can honestly say that He is my Bestest Best Friend. But that doesn't mean I have not failed to be his best friend in the past... I know I have. But I had to learn, and to come to the end of my road (so to speak) ~ that He is the only one that will still stand there when all the others walk out... WHY???
Because he is God and because He is perfect and He wants us to trust Him and talk to him about us, and our problems, and lean on him... He wants YOU and me.
Our earthly friends may forsake us, and we may them... (we hope not, nor would we intentionally) but we are human... we are not perfect... BUT we have a perfect God!
If I cannot be myself with someone... I can be myself with HIM... because He knows me inside and out... and no matter what you do, say, think, or how you do these things... he doesn't get up and walk away, He doesn't get mad, or say HUH , He doesn't look at you not knowing what to say.
He always knows what to say... He knows our frame! He made us! So will you pinky promise???
"Blessings on You"

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Anonymous said...

Once again ,great blog... You make it look easy to write how you feel. I love what you said about frinds. I glad that you are my best friends!!!! your big boy!! (chris)

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