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Friday, October 30, 2009

OKay so I am a really really BIG scaredy cat! So imagine moi' (Insert Shani) as the Coolest Awesomest Youth Leaders Wife... who wanted to have a super cool Halloween party for our Special (not your average uh short bus people) Youth... :) ...... Well my sweet dear hubby loves to do things on a Grand scale... so my have a couple games and do a fun Laboratory of sorts has turned into a full blown scheme... of a section of the Family Center being used as a Haunted House of Sorts (NO blood or gore) just good old fun.... (which really isnt that scary well until you turn off the lights and use the strobe lights... complete with a crazy Cat.... no I mean spider lady! Now you have to know.... I never watched scary movie when I was growing up... I couldnt even watch scooby-doo.... and Yes I do thank my parents for being "over protective" (if you want to call it that) So the normal "scary" stuff doesnt scare me.... but when Bryan (God love his soul) starts running through the dark screaming like a girl and banging a pan with something metal... well I dont care who you are youse gonna be scared!!! LOL And of course my ever seriousness, and fear of uh haunted houses (due to my experiance last year... which I will blog about this weekend sometime) and of course fear of being kicked off the YC.... I made sure (of course knowing my hunny would have already okayed it with pastor... but well me being the ever protective wife... had to you know make sure for myself that we were all good.... Oh yes! It was all good... Meanwhile... finding out my one year weilding a chain saw for the spooky hayride that they take every year pastor loves stuff like this... Just nothing bloody or anything like that... Gee thanks.... uh... thought I had a comrade in my cause to stop the scary stuff! lol LOL okay okay so its not that bad... Hmmmm well Im excited about the party tonight.... So I will have to blog after and tell more about whats the weirdness going on... LOL Until after the party.... Buh Bye! ~~~~ HeLp~~~~~~ gulp ....... lol

"Blessings on You"

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Cylinda Nickel said...

We need pictures of the party!!

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