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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some things I think my world (aka. personal bubble) is better with ~

Of course it goes without saying that Jesus is my number one and My hubby follows second... but here are some more... in no paticular order! :)

    1. Pinwheels

2. Bubble Wrap
(yes I am one of those people who love to annoy others and pop all the bubbles!)

3. A new coloring book and crayola crayons!

4. Running through puddles in the spring!
5. Painting
6. Raspberry Mocha Frappachino's

7. My Cell phone

8. Leaves in the Autumn!
(Raking them into a big pile and jumping into the middle)

9. The Color Pink

10. Lasagna
(my recipe :)

11. Antiquing/Junking
(spending a whole day on it)

12. Birds of Paradise

13. Traveling

14. Lazy Pajama days!

15. The Beach

16. My family and Friends
( I love all of them!!!!)

17. The game Encore!

18. Africa

19. The Pier on Lake Michigan!

20. Notre Dame Football!!!!!

21. Flowers

22. Misquito Netting over my bed

23. Monkeys
( Yes I would love to have one as a pet!)

24. Superman!!!

25. Dreaming

26. Musicals!
Love them! Love them! Love them! :)

27. Veggie Tales

28. Gigi Zebrana Africa Jirtle-Haggard
( my precious little human wannabe!)

29. Cooking and Baking

30. Dressing up!

31. Rainbows

32. Swimming

33. Playing Tennis

34. Reading a good book

35. Seeing my children and my sisters happy!

36. Turning up the music really loud when I listen to it!!!

37. Festivals

38. Road tripping

39. Taking pictures!

40. Having pictures taken of me! Im such a ham!!!
(scuse me... the paparazzi is calling my name!) ~ Im ready for my close up! ~

41. Feeling the awesome power of God in my soul!

42. My creative dinners!

43. My African outfits!

44. Eating Chinese food with Chopsticks!

45. My husband stopping everything just to dance with me to whatever is playing at the moment! lol

46. My Christian Heritage

47. Our Young People! I love them and I am super proud of them!!!

(Shout out to ACTS 2 CREW!)

48. Our General Youth Division that we are a part of!
(A HUGE body of believers that are all over the world! )

49. Collecting World Globes

50. Smiling.... Smilings my Favorite!!!

And last but not least ~

(will you go?)

"Blessings on You"

Stay-tuned...... There will be more where this came from... This is just the first of 51 insights into my soul! LOL

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Just Jules said...

thanks for popping over to my blog. I have been so busy trying to chase the sun (an impossible task lately) that I have paid little attention to my blog home. Please stick with me and as the Winter rolls around you will be wondering when I will go away.

Stop by any time, leave lots and lots of comments and if you let me know you are coming I will make a pot of tea - or coffee - or get you a pop.. oh you get the point!

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