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Monday, July 20, 2009

Apostolic Clothing Styles and Hair Night

Hey you guys!!!

I have found this great website that has fun clothing
styles for girls... (LOVE IT) It is This
sister has a wonderful website and a great burden for
apostolic girls of all ages! For awhile I have been trying
to come up with a line of clothing, accessories, etc that the
apostolic girl, lady, women..of all ages, shapes and sizes can
wear and be proud to be a child of the most high! As the
months progress I plan to have more details of what I will
have! Bear with me on this project.. so for now I will just
share these pics of what another sister in the Lord has put
together. :o)
So anyway I have a busy afternoon after I get off work! ~ I am having a hair class tonight for my girls in the youth. I am so excited! This is one of the many fun benefits of being a youth leader! I am going to make up a grab bag and also
little "hair kits" with fun stuff in them to be able to take with them in their purses! We will be heading to North American Youth Congress in Aug and we want to be looking all cute! :) Lord help me what have I gotten myself into! LOL... I love all my young people and we are so very proud of them! So this is just one of the many fun get togethers I get to have!!!
Hope everyone is having a great day! OMG and I so cant believe I have followers!!! WHAT??? Love it!!! :-) lol

"Blessings on You"

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