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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The S.Marie Collection

Hi Everyone!

My name is Shannon Marie Haggard. I have finally joined the wonderful world of blogging! I chose the name and title for this blog The S. Marie Collection for a couple reasons. One being that in the days ahead you will be able to see into my life as I write about all the cool goings on in my life... thus it is called a collection!....
For everyone who doesnt want to look up the word... I took the liberty :o>
Collection: A type of anthology consisting of works by a single author
The second reason into the name is because one of these days.. I will have and artsy line of items with my personal flair that I will call The S.Marie Collection.
So there you have it! Just a little bit into the grandeur scheme of all things Shani!.... So sit back and relax as you share with me by reading about my life, joys, craziness and all the fun that comes along with it! I will share personal testimonies both spiritual and physical... and maybe just all the crazy things that come to my mind!

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Melinda said...

I'm so excited to start reading, catch up on the journey, and continue on with you!

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