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Monday, January 12, 2009

Just some Monday Ramblings

Well Its Monday again!!! Man I was resting and dreaming so good this morning that the alarm went off one time and never went off again... So I woke up with a start at 7:09am! ran into get the kids up and head out the door by 7:30! I clocked in a minute early! Go figure! LOL I did most of my praying on the road today after I dropped the kids off at school... I have such a great time with my Jesus! I cant wait to pray again tonight, and see what else he teaches me!

This week is looking quite good already! I actually have been waiting for it for a couple of months.. you see on Wednesday I will be going to the doctor for my first appointment for the lapbad surgery! I am extreemly excited and I am ready for my change! I feel like for me.. This is my year for great change both spiritually, and carnally! God has been so good to me, I know this is an answer to Many Many prayers I have prayed! So pray for me and wish me luck on Wednesday! I am sure that you all will hear more on Wednesday about it!

My poor sister in law is in the hospital with a kidney stone... I know all too well about them.. and I know what she is going through! She has to have surgery this evening and we are going to see her. I know she will be okay... but I know the extreeme pain.,.. I still have problems with pain in my kidneys and lower back because of all the stress it put on mine. So I am thankful that they found hers quickly!

Mom, Dad and the girls will be heading out to TN on Thurday! Jesus took care of the situation and they transfered her to Oak Ridge! They will be going to live in good ol Knoxville!

I have to say that I am so amazed and just in great love with my Jesus... you know he has done so much for me, I know I could never write all he has done for me... but I want to say how thankful and just really blessed for what he has done for my husband... He called me this morning to tell me something that Jesus showed him in prayer. I am so thankful for a husband that prays... I cannot tell you readers how I stand in awe and just so thankful that God would shine down on us... our story hasnt always been this and I know that I am guilty of thinking when I got married I thought it would be this way at first ( a ministry, a husband that prays, great things like this spiritually... going to conferences togethter etc.) , I didnt know it would have to grow in him and in our marriage.. I am thankful for the firery trial that I had to go through... it still feels so fresh at times and I remember things that I dont always want to about it... but you know ... I guess it makes me appreciate all the greater about the grace and just utter love that God has for us.. and it reinterates the fact in me that God really does have that perfect person out there for you... and he does determine your fututre... when you let him... I was so careful to pray and not get involved with guys that I knew I was not going to marry... and when Chris came along I just knew... but I didnt know all that I had to go through with... and during some of my darkest times.. came doubt of whether I married the right one for me... and through all those times...the Lord would always confirm and show me that I had and I was in the center of his will... I dont know why God chose for me to go through what I did... but I do know he must have trusted me and knew that I would be able to help someone else who was facing the same thing I had... you know I can honestly say I love my husband more that anything and I am so proud of him through Jesus! I think of this song... "If you could see where Jesus brought me from to where I am today, then you would know the reason why I love him so.." He truly has done a great work, and I have NO doubt in my mind that if Jesus brought us through that He can bring us through ANYTHING!... all I want to do is to get much much closer to him.. and just do all his will continually... Its not always the easiest place to be (in his will... ) but its the best and happiest place to be! How I got off on this I dont know! LOL I was just thinking about how much I really really love my husband! Well Im going to sign off for now!

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