My Medifast Journey Began on April 27, 2011

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This picture spoke to me on so many levels ... from the childish awe and amazement I still posess (when it comes to pop up books) to the utter glee I feel when looking at this knowing my books really do come to life (Yes I sure did watch Never Ending Story when I was little) to the great peace and assurance that My God, the One who loves me, Who calls me His own has by divine inspiration spoken His great words through the most widly sought book Still today The Bible.
When I read it I know that It is true, I know every word has a purpose and I know it is Alive! Jesus will back His word up and much like this picture ~ It will come to life in you. If you have a problem... there is a scripture for that... a question... no problem God has it covered... just serch the scriptures! I promise you... for everything you are facing... He can and will speak to you... to the situation and His word will do the work... He promised that It would not return to him Void that it would do the work it was set out to do... So ... Whats your need? Your problem? Your concern? Turn to the Word of God... I know there is an answer... search it out and apply it to you... and then watch His word work on your behalf ~ It will come alive for you... just like this picture!
"Blessings on You"

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