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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Could it really be???

Could it really be??? Am I seriously 28 for the 5th time already??? LOL It doesnt seem real? Sometimes I look back and think, where has the time gone? Then there are other times when I remember and feel every little creak of time! :) I woke up this morning so thankful that Sweet Jesus has seen fit to bring me through another year! My husband came in this morning playing the chipmonks version of Happy Birthday and my mother called singing happy birthday... and I have sweet sweet friends that have taken a second to tell me on FB... so its been a super nice day already! We have been blessed to get a new car, which turned out to be my bday present! Saturday was a evening of many suprises.... with even a Suprise party which... umm I didnt know... and I MISSED IT! Yes !!!! I missed it! We had a singing Saturday night that got rained out during it, so Pastor got up and said thank you for coming we will see you in the morning.... and my mother and father in law who knew about the party told Chris my husband that the party had been cancelled too... So when I came in Sunday morning to church someone came up to me and was like Sis. Shannon did you know you have a table full of presents?! LOL I was completely flabergasted! So this is why... from now on I will be planning my own Suprise parties from now on! LOL Anyway my husband got off work a little early on Saturday to suprise me with the car and a cake! So sweet! Now if my parents  and sisters lived closer it would all be complete!
 It seems like many good new beginnings are happening! Im really excited to see where Jesus is going to take me from this point! Whatever and wherever is fine just as long as its with Him! :)

****Motorcycle News ~ We are in the process of starting our own ministry chapter for the Azusa StreetRiders here in North Eastern Arkansas, so that is super exciting! And no... I have decided NOT to get my own bike... I way too much enjoy riding with my husband****

So I will be posting from Metropolis Ill this weeked! ~the home of  Superman~ So stay tuned! I will be posting some pictures!

"Blessings on You"

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