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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tornado Sirens

So if you don't know what this is, its a tornado siren.... And this is sort of what it looks like here in our little town of Manila. I honestly cannot remember a siren like this when I lived in "Tornado Alley, TN" lol... But here where it is so flat you can see for miles, Its the Souths way of telling us "Its a coming!"

So on Tuesday here it goes. Chris had his first night back to work and here Gigi and I were all alone. The wind was so .... so bad. I'm not hysterical when it comes to storms but I do not like them when my family isn't around. I had been watching the news (as per my husbands request lol) and I had already gotten ready for bed and taken all my meds and thought I would stay put. I had an invitation to go to the church but at that time, it was too dangerous to drive in. So... I had an idea I was going to put a blanket and pillow in my already small laundry room/pantry and close the doors instead of the bathtub (which is on an outside wall) .... okay so everyone had already gotten me super scared because of the tornado that like almost wiped out Manila 10 years ago.... (ahem thank Jesus I didn't know this while considering my husbands marriage proposal.... It would have been a long distance marriage for sure!... lol)
Well I was laying in the bed all covered up when through the wind I heard them... the tornado sirens... the erieness of them that breaks through the night and causes people to do things. Well I instantly jumped up with my blanket, Bible, water and cell phone... calling after the cat as I was heading for the laundry room... at that point I didn't care if she was coming with me or not. (if you have a cat you will understand). I wedged myself between the wall and washer and sat waiting to hear something. As I sat there I had a couple people txting me telling me it was 10 min .... 5 mins.... and right there in Manila. As I was sitting there Gigi found me and climbed on my lap (which I was super shocked!)  and I put the blanket over my head (just in case) I sat there for about 15 mins while the Elec flickered on and off and the sirens stayed on. About that time a thought popped into my head ~ of all the storms (spiritually) I have encountered and the sirens that blew so loud before they came!
 I began to thank Jesus for the sirens in my life throughout my teenage, young adult, and even now years. I'm so thankful for a Mother and Father that brought me up in the church!! I would not trade it for anything! I'm thankful that my mother made me go and pray at a young age! I'm thankful for the spiritual discernment that she had when I was younger. (How I miss that now! Such a rock that is no longer living for the Lord like she used too)  I'm thankful for my Pastor and His Wife that I grew up under, that taught me, prayed for me, encouraged me, molded me into someone that would stand for the truth even when I felt that No one my age was. I'm thankful for the times I had to say no to something offered to me because I feared God! I'm thankful for the jobs and friends that I had to let go because it had no room in my life as a christian. I am especially thankful for the parents and church that did not believe nor allow their young people to date or hang out with people who did not go to church while I was growing up. For the times I had to decline a date with a gorgeous guy because he didn't believe like I did. I'm thankful for the many nights that my mom and dad, granny (elder pastors wife and my BFF grandmother), pastor and wife, visiting evangelist, etc... that would sound the alarm in my life so I could take cover and survive the storm! Thank you Jesus for the Sirens in my life! Keep them going please!
"Blessings on You"

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