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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well ~ Hello there! How have you been? Its been a long time! You miss me? LOL
Thats how I feel since I So HAVE NOT posted anything in Like ........ uh EVER!
I hope all my blogger friends are doing well.
I have had alot of stuff going through my mind, BUT just cannot seem to catch anything of value, so
I have refrained from posting, Dont want tomatoes thrown at me, because my lack of flair and funniness lately!!! LOL I have always been scared of tomatoes *Thank you cheesy NON scary movie ~ The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes* 

ANYWAY ~~~~~
So I wanted to post this little golden nugget of wisdom. I'm throwing a ice cream party for my stepdaughter and some of her friends on Friday and I have been trying to figure....
WhatInTheWorldImGoingToDoBecauseILoveIceCreamAndIReallyREALLYWantSome! (whew!) So I have come up with the perfect thing.... An Ice Cream Salad!!!!! Yup you read that right!!! So here is the scoop.... hahaha

"Blessings on You"

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