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Friday, April 24, 2009

A bunch of little nothings :o>

Hey there all you bloggers that don't read my blog.... (me tearing up *sniff, sniff ~ sigh*)
just stopping by to let everyone know I am alive and kicking! :) well alive in Jesus and kicking the devil that is! I got to work at the Manila office today... of which I have to say I love... I guess because I live in this tiny town, but the people that have been in here today have been actually nice! Shocker yes well when you work in the places around here... you have to wonder. So anyway I got to go home for lunch and it was so nice... Chris was working so it was just me and Gigi. I got to sit down and read some in my Bible. I love to be able to just sit and not hurry, and be able to reflect. I have to keep reminding myself that Jesus has that standard raised up really high for me and my family.... (You know when the enemy comes in like a flood... the Lord will lift up a standard) I need a really big and high one! It seems like if its not one thing its another... from sickness to sickness and missing so much work, and in turn financial struggles... makes one wonder where God is... or what have we done wrong or I done wrong for me to get us into such a perdiciment? Why has my family suffered so much... and no I am nothing at all... but it really does make me wonder... but then I remember that it rains on the just and the unjust alike and God is God... He never allows things to come to us that has not already gone through his ever capable hands... Its funny but it seems like ever since we switched churches and really buckled down and started doing something for the Lord ~ things have come up in every direction. Which, I guess is good because I have always heard that the devil fights the hardest where he fears the most. I have to believe that God is in our midst and he is taking care of us, and this spirit of sickness and infirmity will leave our family! In Jesus name!

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